Tips To Help You After An Accident With A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving has drastic consequences. Whether it is answering a call or eating while driving, it diverts your attention from the road and increases the chance of an accident occurring. Victims of such accidents are entitled to seek compensation from the negligent drivers for their economic and non-economic losses. 

The legal procedure involved in seeking fair compensation is complex. Consulting a personal injury attorney enables the victim to understand the local personal injury laws and take the right steps after an accident. Their presence ensures that the victim does not have a dismissed or reduced claim. 

Here are a few tips that can benefit you after a distracted driving accident. 

  • Stay at the accident scene. 

Several times, drivers feel scared after an accident and flee the accident scene. However, remaining at the accident scene is a must. Call the police and inform them about the accident. Provide them with accurate facts about the accident. Exchange personal contact information with the other driver and note their insurance details carefully. 

  • Seek prompt medical care. 

Car accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, and it is necessary to seek immediate medical assistance after the accident. Delayed medical care can lead to worsened symptoms and, in some cases, death. It also ensures that you receive total and fair compensation from the insurance company for your medical expenses. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully. 

  • Collect evidence. 

Evidence enables the victim to prove the negligence of the liable party and the damages they suffered. Take pictures and recordings at the accident site and try to obtain a copy of any nearby CCTV camera footage. Witnesses that saw how the accident occurred can also testify, and you must note down their contact details. Also, keep track of your medical reports after the accidents and maintain a journal to document the changes in your life because of the accident. 

  • Speak wisely. 

While it may seem only common courtesy to apologize after an accident that was not your fault, doing so can harm your case. The words you speak after the accident are important, and you must be wise. Do not apologize to the other driver and avoid making conversation about the accident. Your words can be used against you when you try to seek compensation for your damages, and it is best to remain silent. 

A personal injury attorney’s guidance and legal support can make the process significantly easier for the victim. They conduct a thorough investigation to identify the liable party, gather favorable evidence, assess all the damages, evaluate a fair claim, and negotiate with insurance firms to help reach a fair settlement on behalf of the client. 

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