Sacramento car accident: Signs that you need a lawyer

Overcoming the impact of a car accident can be hard. If you were injured in such an accident in Sacramento, you should take a few basic steps. Firstly, call 911 and seek medical care if someone is injured. Following this, call the local law enforcement. Don’t leave the scene and avoid any confrontation with other drivers. Once the dust settles, call your insurance company. What are the signs that you need an injury lawyer in Sacramento for your auto accident case? We have an overview below for your help. 

Your injuries are serious or catastrophic in nature

If you have only endured minor scratches in the accident and your overall estimated losses are less than $10,000, you probably don’t need a lawyer. However, it is quite common for victims to suffer serious injuries in such on-road mishaps. Catastrophic injuries may include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, or disfigurement. Your compensation in such circumstances would be a lot higher, and you need a lawyer to review your accident claim. 

You were also responsible for the accident

California laws with regards to comparative fault are quite claimant-friendly. Even if you were largely responsible for the accident, you could seek a settlement from the other party with minor fault. However, your settlement would depend on your fault share. Remember that the other party in this example would also try to sue you for your fault. Insurance companies often rely on the pure comparative fault rule to deny claims. If you don’t take immediate action with regards to lawyering up, you could lose valuable time and end up accepting the first offer from the insurance adjuster. 

You have no idea how to take the next step

Filing a third-party auto accident claim doesn’t have to be hard. However, if you don’t understand the legal options or need help with finding fault, contact an attorney. Injury lawyers often have the experience of handling hundreds of car accident cases and can offer quick advice on your case. Most law firms in Sacramento offer free consultations to potential clients, and you don’t have to pay the lawyer until you have won a settlement. This is definitely a good reason to hire an attorney, especially if you are concerned about the lawyer’s fee. Also, your lawyer can help pay for other case-related expenses until you get paid. 

Call an attorney to know more about accident lawsuits.