Passenger Injury Claims After a Car Accident

Injuries in a car accident are very common, and you must get the required medical treatment. The doctor’s office might say that your health insurance would not cover your medical expenses, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company would not pay for your medical care either. That is where you will need the help of a car accident attorney Albuquerque.

An auto liability insurance is very different from health insurance. You will have to get the necessary medical care, pay the bills, gather all of them, and get reimbursed from them instead of getting paid step by step. Auto liability insurance companies only offer one-time settlements, and you can not get more money later, no matter what. 

Getting medical attention right away after a car accident

Getting all the necessary medical help after an accident is frustrating and can sometimes be complicated. Not contacting an accident lawyer is one of the prevalent mistakes. The liability insurance company may claim that you did not receive any medical care because you did not get injured. So you must get all the medical insurance you need and keep all the expenses and medical reports at hand. 

After a car accident, here are some options that you might want to consider:

  • Using your health insurance

It would help if you used your health insurance after an accident, but most of the HMO plans in Albuquerque might refuse medical treatment for a car accident. Your plan may pay for the emergency services but might not cover the expenses that come in later. You might be required to pay for all the deductibles and Co-pays, but still not the entire treatment if you get help for a lawyer. 

  • Getting letters of protection

The help of a car accident attorney might be needed for such a deal. In such cases, your lawyer will make a deal with the doctor’s office stating that you will pay the medical expenses from the money you will receive from the settlement. Getting a letter of protection means you will not have to pay for any medical service out of your pocket until you get money from the settlements. Doctors that accept letters of recommendation will not charge you any interest for the time you take to get paid from the settlement. 

  • Using med pay

When you, an injured person, have medical payment coverage, you will get a cover for up to $2000, and the insurance provider will directly be billed for your medical expenses for the amount under the insurance coverage. Med pay will require you to be reimbursed from your insurance company yourself. 

  • Paying as you go

This is considered the last option, where you pay as the treatment proceeds and later file a case for the reimbursement of your medical expenses.