Common Family Law Questions

Because each case is different, everyone might have different family law questions which they need answers for. In this blog post, we will provide a run-down of all relevant questions that you should seek clarification on before proceeding with any matter.

Before we go over to the section of family law questions, let us consider the different types of mattes that fall under ‘family law’. It can include divorce and separation, and all matters related to this like property settlement, child custody, child support, spousal support and binding financial agreements.  Family law is a wide field of law consisting of many different matters. Let’s explore some frequently asked family law questions.

Important Family Law Topics on Divorce and Separation

  • How to apply for a divorce?
  • What are first steps to divorce?
  • What is the cost of divorce in Australia?
  • How to divorce in Australia?
  • What is a binding financial agreement?
  • How much does a prenuptial agreement cost?
  • How are assets divided in divorce?
  • Who gets what in a divorce in Australia?
  • How long does divorce take?
  • Do I need a family attorney for divorce?
  • De facto relationship break up?
  • What is Form 13?
  • What is a minute of consent orders?
  • What is spousal support?
  • De facto relationship and property
  • Spousal maintenance in Australia
  • De facto rights
  • De facto laws in NSW
  • How to change name after divorce?
  • Does spousal maintenance affect Centrelink benefits?

Important Family Law Topics on Children (Child Custody & Child Support)

  • What are child support payments?
  • What is child support used for?
  • What is child support age limit?
  • When do you stop paying child support?
  • Child support application
  • Child visitation rights
  • What are fathers’ rights in divorce cases?
  • What are fathers’ rights in NSW?
  • What is sole custody NSW?
  • What is primary carer?
  • Shared custody
  • Joint custody arrangements
  • Separated fathers’ rights
  • Grandparents rights Victoria
  • Parental child abduction
  • Parental alienation
  • Shared custody arrangements
  • What are my rights as a father?
  • What are grandparents’ rights in Australia?
  • Fathers’ rights in divorce cases
  • Court ordered paternity test
  • Child custody arrangement
  • What are custody rights in Western Australia?
  • What are grandparents’ legal rights?
  • What is step parent adoption?
  • Applying for sole parental responsibility – what’s the process?
  • Does child support cover extracurricular activities?

Important Family Law Topics on Domestic Violence

  • What constitutes domestic violence in Australia?
  • What is an ADVO?
  • What is AVO?
  • How to get an AVO on someone?
  • How to get a DVO?
  • How to get an AVO lifted?
  • How to get an AVO revoked?

Why Should You Seek Legal Advice from Family Law Solicitors?

This article has listed out most of the important family law questions that are generally asked by people. To read more about family law topics, click here. This blog consists of a variety of different topics. In case you have questions on Wills and estate planning, or property law, this blog page is a good place to start with.

Family law is a complex area of law with different cases dealing with different situations and circumstances. Although the processes around applications for divorce, or consent orders, or child/spousal support are the same, it is not necessary that the details of each case will be the same.

This is where family solicitors come into the picture. Family lawyers are equipped with understanding the unique situation of each case and providing advice that is not generic, but rather tailored to suit the clients’ specific needs.

Because of the wealth of experience that family lawyers have, they can apply their legal knowledge into every practical situation and ensure that the clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Author info:

John Bui is the Principal Solicitor of JB Solicitors – a law firm based in Sydney, Australia. John is a Nationally Accredited family law Mediator and Arbitrator with over 10 years’ experience in family law and commercial litigation.