Things to remember for scoring good NEET exam

Deciding to crack the NEET exam is always a good idea but the stress that accompanies it is also pretty huge. It is always good to be prepared for the exam in advance. There are some factors you should always take care of. Along with a colossal syllabus, the cut-throat competition there are many things students need to cope up with when it comes to competitive exams especially NEET. So do make it a point to read the following tips that will help you to make your preparations better with easy step

If you are a NEET aspirant then the first thing to ensure is that you really are dedicated to cracking the exam. Since a competitive exam is also about unending hard work and dedication you need to know that things might get difficult midway and also feel impossible. But all these are just for a temporary phase. Once prepared fully for the exam the revision part is much simpler and enjoyable to do. Overall if you are a NEET aspirant then make sure you follow some of the following simple tricks to help you make your preparation much better 

Things to focus on for achieving good scores in NEET:

1. Know the important topics 

Important topics always remain a priority whether it is conceptual clarity, doubt clarification, revision or practice session. Important topics generally get repeated a lot in the exam. Also, a high number of questions are formulated from these important topics. So if you are thinking of cracking the exam it is crucial for you to know the probability of each question popping in the exam. You should also understand that these questions from these topics may not come directly and may be twisted. To grasp an in-depth knowledge on these topics. 

2. Previous year question papers

A good scoring student always knows the pattern of the exam and how the exam will unfold. The best way to judge the pattern and trend of NEET is by going through the NEET PYQP. Along with going through the papers make sure you are also making observations, analyzing and noting important conclusions for them. Previous year questions are also helpful in creating a question bank of yours which further can help in the revision for the exam. Early in your preparations try to always include the role of the previous year questions. 

3. Mocks tests

Mock tests are really helpful if you want to ace the exam. Mock tests help to make you assess your own performances easily which is exactly what you should be aware of. Your fear of appearing for the exam also goes down once you start appearing for mocks as they are set exactly according to the NEET exams. You can find mocks easily on the internet for free. Fix one time when you will practice mock every day. This way you will be completely prepared for the exam and you will not need any other revision or practice session

4. Try to maintain speed 

Speed is important in the competitive exam. Reading, understanding the question is important. If you have practised all the subjects then answering questions will not take a lot of your time. Mock tests also help you to have a good speed in the exam. Try also to solve MCQs as this way it will be easier for you to attempt questions in the exam. There is no negative marking in the exam so you can give every question a try but what you should remember is not to spend too much time on one particular question as this will ruin your speed and accuracy will also end up going down.

5. Spare extra time for difficult topics

What you may not know is that every student finds something or the other difficult. And the only solution to come out of this difficulty is giving yourself time to study and learn properly. Even if you are not able to comprehend the topic at the first go it is important for you to keep trying the topic but at the same time do not disturb your preparation sessions. That’s why it is always advisable to make a separate time for difficult topics so that you have sufficient time to prepare well

6. Make one liner notes

One liner notes are best for revision when you have to prepare for the exam. It is not a good idea to make detailed notes as it will become time-consuming for you to revise all chapters. Unable to revise on time is no less than big distress. So always make your notes concise so that every day you can just spare 15 minutes to revise the whole chapter. Also, it is important to include the main important points in the one-liner. It is not a good idea to make one-liners for everything. Try to choose the topics that are asked in the exam for the best result.

7. Try to unwind and relax after study session

A refreshed mind can perfectly understand the concepts and learn them well too. At this stage when one is preparing for the competitive exam it is already important to make time to calm your mind and body. This is so because you don’t want to end up feeling all exhausted and tired on the actual day of the exam. You should either take mini breaks in between or long breaks after having thorough study sessions. Choose according to what suits you best without compromising with your studies.


Preparing for the NEET exam is not at all easy. Always try to focus on yourself and your preparations for the best results. It is also important to find ways that can help you to become a better quality student.  These tips and tricks can help to enhance your preparations. Once your preparations are on point you will be able to take the lead easily in the competition. It is important to make time and invest your effort for some time so that the best results can come up. Lastly, remember to always keep consistency in whatever method you opt for cracking the exam. All the best!