What is the best way to Prepare for IES and GATE Exam Through Self-Study?

IES and GATE are among the toughest exams in the field of engineering in our country. Every year lakhs of students study hard to clear these exams. Some students qualify for this exam on their first attempt, and some don’t. To qualify for this exam early, students need to know GATE syllabus and have good strategy and planning. The following article will give you some tips to clear the IES exam and GATE exams.

Best Way To Prepare For IES And GATE Exam Through Self Study

Preparing for IES and GATE exams may seem a little difficult, but it’s not. With a good plan and strategy, we can make this preparation easy. There is no need to attend coaching classes at any point in order to succeed in this exam, even with the top rank. 

Let me tell you how in both exams there is some common portion. More than 70% portion is covered in a GATE exam which is required for the IES exam once you prepare the common part of the syllabus.

Then you have to prepare little extra content different for both exams, and you are ready for both. This will save you one year, and you will be ready for the IES exam just after GATE.

Additional part of preparing for GATE:

  • General Aptitude.
  • Engineering Mathematics.

An additional part of preparing for IES:

  • General Studies
  • Engineering Aptitude.

Following are some steps you should follow while preparing for IES and GATE exams through self-study:

Self Believe

Every student feels confused and nervous while starting their preparation for any exam. The first step in preparing for IES and GATE is to stop thinking that you are an average student and this exam is impossible for you. (Write More 50 – 100 Words)

Make a Plan and Strategy

Now make a good plan for your preparation. This can include time table, daily targets, equal breaks, and other time management.

Allot time slots to prepare the syllabus’s important and less important areas of the syllabus. Study any topics and practice PYQ on that topic to analyze your performance.

Make notes of the topics which you feel. Give a test of the subject which you have completed to see your performance. It will help you to stay focused and constituent. BYJU’S exam prep website has all the details related to these exams.

Know the Syllabus

The syllabus is the root of these examinations. Read the whole syllabus line by line and understand the demand of the exams. If you do not follow the first step properly, your preparation will not be on the right path.

Analyze Previous Year Question Paper

After the syllabus, the most important part is the PYQ of the exams. Select the most important and less important topics of the syllabus with the help of PYQ.

Make a list of Important topics. Always study the important topics first, then the less important topics.

Select Appropriate Books And Resources

Books are the main part because if we select the wrong books, our study will start on the wrong path. For the selection of books, you can go through the previous topper books list and select the books which you find right.

Mock Tests

Test papers are lastly a great tool to enhance your scores in examinations. Practice as many test papers as you can. Always practice in a time-bound manner; it will help you solve your question in time. Give test papers like you are in a real exam; it will help you to overcome the fear of exams.

Constituency is the Key

Starting the preparation is easy but staying focused and constituent throughout the journey is difficult. Try to have such hobbies which you can do sometimes during your preparation. Take breaks from your study when you feel tired. Taking breaks is good for our mind; after that, we will focus more.