The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Outreach

We all are familiar with LinkedIn’s environment and the opportunities it lays down before us. As a marketer or a sales professional, your job is to create brand awareness through different campaigns with the main goal of reaching out to potential clients. But it is not easy as it seems which is why we have come up with tips and hacks for LinkedIn outreach.

LinkedIn outreach is all about three things:

  1. Finding the audience.
  2. Introduce yourself and leave a good first impression.
  3. Pitch your product.

These three things are quite difficult to attain as there are millions of users on LinkedIn and you have to stand out among them to get attention from the right audience.

Tips and Hacks for LinkedIn Outreach

1. Find the target audience in a right way

The most important component of a LinkedIn outreach campaign is the audience. Having the right audience can drive your campaign towards inevitable success.

People are fed up with being targeted again and again with the same old outreach messages. To avoid appearing sales-y right away, do your research on buyers and find out answers to the questions like,

  • What kind of content do they like, create, and follow?
  • Which industry professionals do they follow?
  • What are their goals and what are they looking for?
  • Which LinkedIn groups they are in?

You can personalize your connection message by mentioning something that caught your attention from the research that you conducted about the buyer. This will reflect that you are serious and also have something in common to have a discussion on.

2. Delete pending and old connection requests

Delete old connection requests that you have sent out in the past on a regular basis to stay under the radar. If you’re sending out a lot of connection requests every day and none of them are getting approved, LinkedIn will assume you’re up to something. When you send out connection requests on a daily basis, you’ll see that the number of pending invites grows, and once that number reaches a certain point, you may lose the ability to send more requests temporarily.

You can wipe all your pending LinkedIn requests by going to ‘My Network,’ ‘Manage,’ and ‘Sent.’

3. Personalize connection request messages

Personalizing connection request messages have only one goal: to stand out among other requests. Just remember that the industry leaders and professionals receive a lot of connection requests and you have to make a first good impression to get accepted.

The leaders/professionals are tired of receiving requests with similar generic messages and if you take a step here by doing research and writing a message that will catch their attention then you have a great chance of getting accepted as their connection. Read more about:  la senorita

4. Use cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool

If you are planning on using a LinkedIn automation tool, you should consider getting one that is cloud-based. The reason here is that cloud-based tools are safer than tools that are extensions or plugins.

LinkedIn can detect extensions and plugins because they make changes to your LinkedIn account by accessing it from your browser. Any tool that collects users’ data, is spammy in LinkedIn’s appeal, or harms user data is in violation of their User Agreement. So, go for cloud-based tools. Much more about automatic tools for LinkedIn described in this blog –

5. Post ads

Prospecting on LinkedIn isn’t about nagging people with sales pitches. It’s all about staying on top of things when the time comes. Following up on LinkedIn after a LinkedIn search should be your primary lead generation source if you have already done your homework, provided relevant information, and initiated discussions with potential consumers.

Follow the tips and hacks for LinkedIn outreach given above and in order to see the desired results, you have to be consistent throughout the outreach process.

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