5 Features to Look for in Beach Tents

Beaches are fun and a great place to spend a weekend or a vacation. Chilling at the beach with a drink in your hand is something everybody likes. A trip to the beach is always fun, but you don’t want to get too much sun and look like a lobster the next day. There are long term health risks of overexposure to the sun as well. One effective solution to these issues is a beach tent. It is the kind of tent you must have seen since childhood, and it is a handy item for everyone.

The tents are excellent in blocking the sunlight, heat and blocking harmful UV rays. One can use it as a base camp or shelter when you go to the beach with your friends or family. It is excellent for babies/kids, too, as it could be a place to change the toddlers’ clothes or let them sleep without any disturbance, and mothers can breastfeed in privacy as well.

There are a variety of beach tents in the market, and you just buy what’s the most functional, affordable and which one fulfils your requirements.

There are a variety of tents you can buy for your trip to the beach, and they are:

  • Continual pole pop-up type tent
  • Traditional pole type tents
  • Hybrid type tents
  • Classic-style tents
  • Canopy style tents
  • Umbrella tents

What are the major features you must check for in a beach tent?

When searching for a tent, you need to remember the requirements or features you need. Essential qualities to look for in a tent are as follows:

The intended use

There are different types of tents with various features, and you need to buy the one that satisfies your needs. Some require bigger tents to accommodate the entire family, some need shades outside the tent (canopy attached), and some need lightweight and small tents. You need to decide the usage of essential features before going shopping.


When it comes to beach tents, size does matter. As mentioned above, you need to consider the number of people it needs to accommodate. If the tent is too small, everybody will not fit in simultaneously, but a small size is enough if the tent is just for the kids. Buying a tent that’s too big will be counterproductive if you don’t have the skills or place to erect the structure, and sometimes these tents will require multiple people to set up.

Ease of use and transportation

The next big thing is the ease of usage of these tents. When you have a lightweight and foldable tent, you can carry it with you to the beach (from the parking area). If the tent is foldable into a smaller size, you can carry it in your two-wheeler as well.

Sand pockets

This could be the best feature in any beach tent. The sand pockets help hold down the tent where strong winds are expected. It can be used with guy lines, tent stakes, and rope tie-downs.

Weather protection

Usually, the tents are made of fabric that prevents UV rays from entering and harming your skin. Although there are different ratings regarding this sun protection fabric, you need to buy the one with the best quality if you plan to spend a long time under the sun.

These essential features are all you need to consider during the purchase of the beach tents.