Your Guide to Vaping

Almost 64 – 70% of Australian smokers aged between 18-24 have tried vaping at least once in their lives. Although 74% of the population report that they tried it out of curiosity vaping as an alternative to smoking is slowly occupying the lifestyle of Aussies.

Many countries utilise vapes as an alternative to regular cigarettes. These are easily accessible because of the promotion in the media. Many youtube channels explore and review vape shops in Brisbane, Melbourne, etc. As a result, young adults exposed to such platforms learn more about vapes and vaping, and develop an interest to try it out.

What Is Vaping?

It is the inhaling of vapour created by a vaping device or a hookah. It is also known as an e-cigarette as a vaping machine is essentially an electronic device that simulates the experience of tobacco smoking. This is done by electronically creating vapour using an atomiser, mods, and battery coils.

There are several essentials required to enjoy the vaping experience. Markets and vape shops in Brisbane, New Zealand, and others offer vape kits that range from users who are beginners to experts. Vape shops also have a stand-in employee to professionally explain vaping to beginners so that they can shop smarter and better.

Vape Kits

Markets have realised the booming interest in vapes across the globe and have introduced several kits to assist with its popularity. Some of these kits are:

  • Starter Kits: Starter kits are for beginners who are just getting into vaping. These come with a battery and a mod with an output wattage of up to 200W.
  • Pod Kits: Pod kits are much more slender vaping devices shaped like pods. These are often refillable and have longer battery life.
  • Vapestick Kits: Many vape shops in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne sell vape sticks. These are vaping devices that come in the form of a stick. They closely resemble a cigarette and are disposable.
  • Regulated Mods: These vaping devices come with a single mod that does not require replacement. They are also powered by a singular battery with an output wattage of 100W.
  • Tiki Bars: These are also vape pens that closely resemble a cigarette. They are disposable, as well as, do not require any battery. Furthermore, they do not contain any nicotine, just flavoured powders.
  • Dry Herb Kits: These are essentially special kits that focus on the mixture that is burnt by the atomiser to give you the vapour.
  • Disposable Pod Devices: These are very similar to pod kits. They come with a singular battery. But unlike normal pods, these are not refillable.
  • DIY Kits: These vaping kits are for both beginners and experts who are interested in experimenting with new flavours and brands.

Vape Juices

Although the vaping mixture contains nicotine, it is in small amounts. The rest of the mixture contains vape juices or special dry herbs that produce the vapour when heated by the atomiser. There are over 30+ brands when it comes to vape juices, so there’s something that will suit your palette! There are some popular flavours as well:

  • Beverage: These are beverage-flavoured vape juices. These can be alcoholic flavours like Gin and Tonic or classic beverages like cappuccinos!
  • Candy: Candy-flavored vape juices range from bubble gums to fruit punches like Raspberry Lemon.
  • Hemp: This tries to tap into the flavour of the fibre of cannabis. There are only very few products in this flavour.
  • Menthol: Menthol vape juices try to resemble well-known peppermints and minted eucalyptus flavours to freshen things up!