Why USA Casinos are Divided in Commercial and Tribal Casinos

Casinos are a great source of entertainment for many adults who enjoy playing the many games available there. Those who visit multiple casinos will realize that there are two types in America: commercial and tribal casinos. Here are why the two types exist:

Tribal casinos

Tribal casinos, also known as Indian casinos, are owned by Native American tribes. They are located on Native American reservations, land the federal government allocated to descendants of the Native Americans who occupied North America when European settlers arrived. Many states have tribal casinos, with some making a move online when state legislatures legalized this practice. Now that it is legal to play at a Michigan online casino, some tribal casinos have secured licenses to run virtual and land-based operations.

A brief history

Tribal casinos came into being after the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was passed by America’s federal government. It aimed to allow Native American tribes an opportunity to generate some desperately needed income to uplift the lives of people living on these reservations. These reservations are sovereign territory and not subject to the same laws as other areas. This allows tribal casinos to follow different business processes than commercial casinos. Tribal casino revenues fund the socio-economic development of the reservations, funding physical infrastructure and providing services, such as education and healthcare.

Commercial casinos and their history

Commercial casinos operate on non-reservation land. They exist in states that have legalized gambling establishments. For many years, casinos were illegal in states other than Nevada. However, this changed when casinos opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the late 1970s. Other states began offering casino licenses from the 1990s onward. Today, most American states have legal land-based casinos, and a handful allow online operations. The trend of online gambling is growing, with other states currently aiming to legalize it.

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Most casinos offer a sportsbook where bettors can place wagers on their favorite sports. For many years, sports betting in US states remained problematic due to federal laws. However, the Supreme Court overruled them, paving the way for legal sports betting. While this rule made sports betting possible, state legislatures must enact laws that permit it. Not all states have elected to do so. Some have embraced sports betting, even legalizing online wagering. Today, placing a sports bet is easy and convenient and states earn significant tax revenues from allowing it.

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