Why should you prefer a runny nose shaping over others?

Are you worried about the small bump on your nose? Do you dream of having an asymmetric face but do not want plastic surgeries? The procedure of liquid nose job, otherwise called rhinoplasty, comes to your extricate. Many people get goosebumps on hearing the word surgery; thus, rhinoplasty is a non-surgical method of correcting your nose shape. Doctors may suggest you get a nose job done when you have any drooling nose tip or small bumps on your nose. They are safe with less recovery time. They are also less expensive compared to the traditional and surgical methods.

One can get this procedure done if you expect to add more volume to your nose, smooth and shape the bumps, sharpen or lift the tip of your nose. The doctor may ask you to lie down and tilt your face. Then they give you surface anaesthesia that makes you feel numb on the procedure area. Then the surgeon injects filler through the needle on your nose to contour the shape of your nose. After the procedure, you can expect pain, swelling and redness; that usually subsides within two hours, unlike the surgical method. The results start to appear more quickly than the surgical rhinoplasty. You can notice the results within one or two weeks.

Benefits of non-surgical rhinoplasty

1.No recovery time

When you approach a surgeon for this procedure, they primarily treat you with topical anaesthesia. Topical anaesthesia causes a temporary loss of sensation on the area that’s applied. The person would be conscious of what’s happening around. In this method, there is no need to wait for the recovery of consciousness. You can come in the middle of your working hours, get your job done and head back to work.

2.No scars

This method is famous among youngsters as it does not involve incisions. The crucial downside of an incision can be scarring. People opt for rhinoplasty procedures to ward off minor abnormalities on their noses to elevate their look, so they also do not want to end up with scars ruining their look. The procedure involves an injection of a thin needle that leaves no scars on your face. You may experience some red dots in the area that wards off within a few days.

3.No or few Sideffects

The surgical method has many side effects and risks like bleeding, scars, infection, swelling, etc. The recovery time can be the worst days with pain and slow healing. With the liquid nose job, the recovery time is quicker, and there is no need to stay at your home to hide the swelling and scars. You don’t have to miss out on your loved ones wedding or an important day at your office due to your nose job.

Also, the former method involves nasal bandages, which can be inconvenient. It also requires regular follow-ups for best results. On the other hand, you would not have any bandages or require follow-ups with the liquid nose job. Even your close ones cannot find out you had a nose job done.

Natural results

The non-surgical method can handle clients’ preferences, and the surgeon can customize the use of fillers according to your desire. The changes would look natural and subtle rather than looking absurd. People who are unaware often think the fillers may increase the size of the nose. The surgeon exactly knows the amount of filler to inject to obtain good results. They also figure out the location to insert the needle to get natural results. But, when you want to reduce the size of your nose, go for the surgical method.

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