Why Hire An Apprentice To Grow  Startup?

If an entrepreneur is looking to grow the company but doesn’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee, it is recommended to consider hiring an apprentice. Sometimes referred to as a “work for hire” relationship, apprenticeship is an excellent way for high-growth startups to get the assistance they need without compromising their independence and freedom of thought.

A few reasons to hire an apprentice include receiving help with tasks like research, customer service, or marketing. Additionally, if the startup is in an exceptionally fast-paced industry where skills are highly demanded, an apprentice could help contribute to the company’s growth.

Regardless of the type of apprenticeship, it’s essential to ensure that the program meets the startup’s needs and fits its culture.

How to get an apprentice?

Apprenticeship is a great way to get someone with the necessary skillset without paying them full-time. They learn on the job and can build up their résumé while helping businesses. Here are a few reasons to consider an apprenticeship:

  1. Apprenticeships provide a cost-effective way to train employees. An apprentice can be trained in a fraction of the time it would take to hire someone full-time without the associated expenses.
  2. Apprenticeships create loyalty and commitment from employees. Employees who have been through an apprenticeship program are often more committed to their job and more likely to stay with the company for longer.
  3. Apprenticeships help businesses tap into a pool of talented workers that they may not be able to find elsewhere. Apprenticeship programs allow companies to attract top talent by giving them access to people who may not have had the opportunity to learn specific skills.
  4. Apprenticeships are cost-effective for businesses. A program can be completed in six months to a year, and the average cost is less than $15,000 per employee.
  5. Apprenticeships allow businesses to create a more diverse workforce. Apprenticeship programs also help with diversity and inclusion because they attract people from different backgrounds interested in pursuing careers that may not be open to them in the traditional workplace.

How to decide if an apprentice is suitable for  business

  1. Size of Business: The larger the business, the more likely an apprentice will be necessary.
  2. Skills Required: If a business has a lot of technology involved, then an apprentice might need to understand how to use the software correctly.
  3. Hours Available: Apprenticeships typically last around 12-18 months and require a significant amount of time each day (usually about 8 hours). This means that only businesses with many hours available in their schedule could be a fit for apprentices.

How to Get the Complete Value Out of Apprentice

  1. Apprenticeships offer a unique way to learn. A traditional educational program will teach a set of specific skills and knowledge. An apprenticeship program enables learning by doing. Working with a mentor help gain experience and develop new skills that can help the business grow.
  2. Apprenticeships give employees a leg up in the job market. When utilising the opportunity to hire an apprentice, the business allows employees to improve their skills while they’re still in the workforce. This can give them a head start when looking for new jobs later on and increase their chances of landing a position that’s right for them.
  3. Apprenticeships create a sense of community within the business. When employees feel like they’re part of something special, they’re more likely to be motivated and committed to their work. This contributes to the success of the organisation.


Hiring an apprentice can be a great way to grow a startup. The organisation will have someone to help with day-to-day tasks and bring fresh eyes and new ideas that can help the business grow in unexpected ways.