Why Does My AC Leak Water?

An air conditioner or aircon is a go-to choice for most homeowners to beat the heat. It is the best appliance to help you have a comfortable indoor environment in tropical climates. Manufacturers also build their ACs to be used for years, making them a worthy purchase for many households.

However, sometimes an aircon can leak water. It can happen due to these common reasons.

Filthy AC filters

Aircon is like a car or bike; they all need regular maintenance. Most problems in an aircon happen due to bad maintenance. In an aircon, everyday use will cause a buildup of dust and dirt in the system.

According to Aircon Service Singapore, the buildup of dirt and dust in ac filters or other components can restrict the airflow in your system. The diminished airflow causes some pieces of ice to form in your unit. They can cause excessive water coming from your aircon once they are melt.

Lack of refrigerant in the system

Refrigerant plays an important role in the refrigeration cycle—a process that makes aircon can cool your indoor space. The system needs the right amount of refrigerant for proper functioning. That is why inadequate cooling can happen if the system lacks the required refrigerant.

An inadequate amount of refrigerant can happen due to troubles, such as a refrigerant leak or faulty installation. Without the correct amount of refrigerant in your system, the system cannot transfer heat properly in the refrigeration cycle, causing ice to form within your system.

As such, the ice melt over time and starting water drip from your system.

Incorrect installation

Some experts from the best aircon servicing Singapore inform that manufacturers always recommend that homeowners install their new AC with certified technicians.

Doing so would avoid the risk of shabby installation. That kind of installation can result in a gas leak, malfunctioning, water clogging, or other negative consequences.

To illustrate, faulty installation can lead to an incorrect inclination of drainage pipes. The effect can be a less smooth flow of water and leads to a water leak.

The drain pan needs a replacement

The job of a drain pan in your AC is to collect water from your unit before they are moved outside through the drain lines. It is common for the drain pan to be replaced after several years because of rust or corrosion. Rust or crack appear due to wear and tear of regular use. Furnace pans are essential to your air heating and cooling system, generally called condensate drain pans, HVAC drain pans, or AC drain pans. They catch the water generated from your air conditioner to ensure it doesn’t leak into other parts of the house so it is important to take care of condensate drain pan replacement periodically.

Therefore, if you see a crack in your drain pan, it may need to be replaced as soon as possible.

A buildup of debris and mould in drain lines

Another culprit that can cause a water leak in an aircon is clogged drain lines.

How is it possible? It is because of the accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, even mould in your drain lines. The buildup gradually will make your drain lines become clogged if you never clean them.

That is why experts from the best aircon chemical wash Singapore recommend homeowners to conduct a thorough cleaning for the AC system. A chemical cleaning for aircon usually includes professional cleaning of the system and drain lines and system inspection.

Things you can do to prevent water leaks from AC

As homeowners, the best thing you can do for your aircon is to maintain its cleanliness. You can clean your filters regularly because it does not require professional assistance.

Also, always follow manufacturers’ recommendations. For instance, always service your aircon with licensed technicians at least once a year. And work with certified technicians to install your AC if you just got a new AC.

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