What to Do If Your House is Burgled

Being burgled is a hugely traumatic experience. And although we like to think we would know what to do in these types of situations, it can be difficult. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on what to do if your house is burgled.

Call the Police:

The most immediate and crucial thing you have to do if you have been burgled is to call the police immediately. If the burglary is in process as you are dialing, then call for immediate help, however, if you discover your home has been intruded while you have been absent, then you may want to call a helpline to discuss what happens then going forward. It’s important to know that if you sense someone is in your house, then do not enter the property at all, stay back and call the police.

Don’t Touch Anything in the House:

Initially, your first instinct may be to go into the house and begin to tidy up. However, it’s vital that you don’t- as you may be touching vital pieces of evidence. Instead, an important thing to do is to take photographs of the scene, including anything that is broken or smashed- or even things that look relatively normal. Take pictures of any spaces that have missing pieces of furniture.

Make an Inventory:

Although you may be in a state of shock, if you can, it’s a good idea to begin making an inventory of all items that have been taken from your property. This way, it will make the process of going through an insurance claim a lot easier, as it will be a lot less hassle to provide any receipts.

Contact Your Insurer:

Once you have contacted the police, the next step is to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You should be given a reference number for crimes, in which you can call them, and they can begin not only the insurance claim, but also if you don’t feel secure in your home, they can come out and change the locks for you etc.

Inform Your Bank:

If you suspect your bank cards have been stolen, its vital that you contact your bank straight away. Your bank should put an instant block on your cards, as this will stop them being used fraudulently without your consent. They should also reissue you with new cards.

Speak to the Right People:

Having your home broken into can be a very traumatic experience- whether or not you were present when the burglary took place. Our homes are supposed to be our safe space and have them invaded can be a huge compromise on our privacy. It’s important that if there are things troubling you, it’s a good idea to go and seek help. Whether you seek counselling, or simply talk it out, it’s helpful to talk out future and present concerns.

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