What Software do Manufacturing SMBs Use?

In today’s ever competitive environment, manufacturers must use technology to their advantage, in order to be able to consistently create high quality products. Automation, industry 4.0, and the digital revolution are key drivers for manufacturing success, giving early adopters a massive advantage over their competitors.

Software plays a massive role in modern manufacturing, but there’s no single piece of software that can satisfy all the needs of scaling businesses. What matters most is the ability to deliver a seamless integration of business essentials, controlled from a single point of truth.

Cloud-based Manufacturing Software

Lean manufacturing is a modern approach to manufacturing, aiming to become more sustainable, reduce waste, cut costs, improve efficiency, streamline processes. 

Cloud-based manufacturing software enables entrepreneurs to automate their processes and manage their entire business operations from a single point of truth. More and more of these tools are created to integrate seamlessly with business essentials, such as e-commerce platforms, accounting tools, or shipping apps. Moreover, they can be accessed on the go, from any device, which allows warehouses to be more dynamic and responsive.

The increased productivity associated with the lean manufacturing methodology doesn’t only pay off for a business’ profits, but it is also an essential step towards caring for the environment. It is known that manufacturing, especially old-school manufacturing, leaves a negative footprint on the environment. However, sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike. The modern consumer is conscious and expects an ecological approach from businesses.

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ERP Software

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. ERP software enables businesses to plan and measure success efficiently, by streamlining the back-end processes followed to transform raw materials into finished goods. It helps departments to stay organized and improve both inter- and intra-departmental communication.

A good ERP system, integrated within the entire organization, and used by all relevant stakeholders boosts productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profitability.

CRM Software

CRM software, or customer relationship management software, helps manufacturers monitor and manage their communication with customers. From listening and responding to feedback, to managing complaints, or answering questions, CRM helps businesses retain customers in the long-term.

Understanding the customers’ reaction to a product or service helps manufacturers refine their offering and adapt to customer needs. CRM software is an essential part of an effective customer relationship strategy. 

E-commerce Platform

Modern manufacturing SMBs make use of a variety of sales channels, selling to retailers or directly to consumers. The rise of the direct-to-consumer trend pressures manufacturers to sell online via their own e-commerce websites or through marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy.

Using the right e-commerce platform is essential for manufacturers to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. From proper web design and ease of use to seamless integration with payment gateways and shipping apps, an e-commerce platform must ensure there are no obstacles throughout the purchasing journey.

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