What is a free credit bonus and how many types are there?

Free credit bonus is another that many online casino players may not understand What it is, how it is obtained, and what can it be used for? In fact, free credit is something that online casinos do. Given to all players who have been a member No, maybe not every casino. that can be given

Will have the rate received will not be the same will depend on The player’s status which most of the credit The online casino will be distributed in 2 formats: 

  1. As a percentage 
  2. As an amount for each form There will be different rates, for example, most money forms will be distributed at 200, 300, 500 to 1000 or more. All players can actually play and withdraw. But there are casino requirements, for example, once the free credit is received. Must play 20 rounds before being able to withdraw or have to play 4 times more than the capital before being able to withdraw. Today I will say What is that คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรี free credit bonus?

What is a free credit bonus?

A free credit bonus is a fee used to represent the amount of money. that is used to place bets on various games within the gambling website itself by that credit It will be the part that we have deposited money into our account. to use for betting that’s called credit The free credit bonus is the part of the credit that online gambling. given to us whether it is obtained from first top-up

Or will it be a bonus for playing the game? The credit received from the online gambling website Can be used to place bets on every game. but will not be able to withdraw for example when topping up for the first time players get The free credit is 200, if the player originally had money into the account of 1,000 baht, you will receive money into the account up to 1,200 baht.

But when the player receives that free credit will want to withdraw money from the account at all will still not be able to withdraw money Once the free credits have been received Because they want to follow the rules of an online casino before that.

How many types of free credit bonuses are there?

There are 7 types of free credits that are currently being given away, each of which has a difference in receiving. not the same which will be as follows

Free credit giveaway event 

This type of free credit distribution will be distributed when that online casino There are activities whether it is a festival activity or is it an activity of the way Online casinos themselves, such as the anniversary, or to celebrate the completion of 100,000 players, etc. This type of distribution. All players will have a chance to get in the same number in order to be organized in the form of a distribution rate, a single price, but in most cases, Players will not get everyone. because it will be more randomly distributed and will allow players to enter Press to get free credit by themselves.

Free credit for trial play It’s a service. 

For all players who do not yet have the courage to gamble Place different bets or still want to learn how to play with online casinos which the online casino There is a trial service to play this. provided so that players can try to play by themselves first

Let’s study the probability of each game first. which games are suitable for profit to the players themselves which the player will be able to play for free There will be no cost because it will give away credit for free play up to 3,000 baht. Trial rate. It depends on each online casino as well. considered a good helper in the decisions of the players themselves

Giving away free credit of 200 baht. 

This type of free คาสิโนออนไลน์ credit will be given to players. to invite friends to apply for membership the players who are invited will get credit instead of free answers up to 200 baht, and even more if The more players are invited, the more. The higher the credit, the higher it will be. But this is not all. For some casinos then The player who invited the most players Or in the criteria that the online casino has set, there will be a big prize given to the players as well. Overall, the value of the prize will be up to 1 million baht.

Free credit for the first deposit for new players who have just made a membership with the online casino will get free credit for everyone’s first deposit new players Must make the first deposit of 300 baht or more, which players will receive a higher free credit. according to the player’s deposit rate. Most of them will be distributed in the form of a percentage, for example, if the first deposit is at 1,000 baht, the player will receive an additional 20% will receive the total credit, which is 1,200 baht.