What Food to Feed Your Pets?

As soon as it comes to your beloved pets, all of you get a little too protective. You know the inevitable fact of them having a limited lifespan, and hence, you want to make the most out of it. For a healthier life, all of you want them to have a balanced diet. They need nutritious and protein-rich food. This applies to dogs, cats or any other species.

However, just like it is with humans, sometimes animals are allergic to certain foods. This can happen with cats as well. In this case, hypoallergenic cat food should be given. Further, there are other animal-specific foods available in pet shops.

What all to include in the diet?

Taking the example of most common pets, like cats and dogs, it is understood that they require special attention in their primary growth years. They need a high, protein-rich diet while growing from 40 days to about a year and a half. In general, this is the time they attain their maximum size and strength.

Pets need a lot apart from the care and love they get from their owners.

Dogs with heavy coats require food filled with Omega 3 and Fish oil which helps in enhancing their fur coats. In daily life, you should also include boiled vegetables in their diet as it contains micronutrients. These nutrients are good for their stomach and digestion.

Chewing bones is essential for making their teeth and gums stronger. As the baby teeth come out, they feel an itch in their gums. If you don’t respond well to that, they can get aggressive too. Hence, bones help them with the itch and also increase their muzzle size.

For cats, you can focus on striking a balance of dried and canned food. They do not have a big appetite and hence, are one of the easiest pets to maintain.

Cats like the Persian cats are very popular for their long and beautiful fur. They require special attention so that their fur can be maintained. You can give them fish and other tablets so that their hair sheds less and is thick.

Treats or No Treats?

One common question which people have is whether to give treats or not? Well, it should not really be a question. Treats are just like a cheat diet and relaxation, which each animal deserves. Additionally, dogs and cats learn certain behaviours with classical conditioning, that is, by the concept of reward and punishment.

Giving them a lot of treats is like giving your child a lot of chocolates. It does not have any actual harm associated with it, though it can cause your pet to have cavities or a bad tooth.

Dealing with special medical conditions

It is evident that animals experience a lot of emotions and feelings like humans. Sometimes, they are also required to be looked after when they are sick.

If a cat keeps scratching herself, vomits or has diarrhoea, there is a big possibility that she’s allergic to some food you are giving her. If you are unable to find the source of allergy, you can simply opt for hypoallergenic cat food available with vets.

If a dog is constantly sneezing, licking its paws, and has oily skin or leathery paws, it means something in their environment is not suitable for them. One should immediately take their pet to a vet in such cases.

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