What do you need to do before a Property Valuation?

If you are considering selling your home, the first step is to obtain an estate agent appraisal so you can determine how much your home is worth in today’s market and choose the best agent to advertise it. Many factors, such as market circumstances, location, and property type, are beyond your control when selling your home, but there are some that you may influence. This blog will give our best recommendations from estate agents in Harrow for preparing your home for that all-important estate agent visit.

Eliminate the clutter

Potential buyers don’t want to be distracted by your clutter; they want to view the space clearly and see their furnishings in it. Clutter might be objects left lying around that don’t belong in that location, or it can be goods that you’ve kept for so long that you no longer need – and that now require a better home. Now is a fantastic opportunity to clear out and tidy up, so you can present your house in the best light possible.

Clear the outdoor areas

Regardless of the season, your property should appear as nice on the exterior as it does on the inside. Clear away any fall leaves and make sure your lawn is mowed, so your property appears tidy and well-kept.

Discuss the reasons for selling

It’s a good idea to share your reasons for selling the home with the agent during the valuation. This allows them to price your home effectively. If you want to sell your house quickly, you should price it so that it generates as much interest as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Planning and extensions

If you have done any repairs or expansions to the property, make sure the agent is aware of them, so they can appreciate your changes. If you have been awarded planning permission to extend or develop, have the papers ready so that the realtor can check them and potential purchasers may be informed.


Remove personal objects like pictures, souvenirs, and calendars if you want a buyer to be able to visualise themselves living in your house. Remember to clean the front of your refrigerator. A buyer is less likely to feel like they are entering someone else’s place when a property is more neutral.

Deep cleaning

Remember that when others come to look around, no stone will be left unturned. They will open doors, search drawers, flip switches, turn on faucets, and much more! Prepare by carefully cleaning everywhere, paying specific attention to skirting boards, beneath radiators, and in any cupboards storing equipment such as boilers and electricity metres, to make your property appear well-maintained.

Utilise neutral colours

Do you still have any brilliantly coloured walls from the 1970s? It’s time to let them go! Choose light, neutral colours such as white, beige, and soft greys; not only will they provide a blank canvas for the possible buyer, but they will also make your home seem airier, more open, and bigger. Re-painting will also allow you to repair any dents in the walls and remove any scuffs.

Pleasant light and temperature

Ensure your house gets as much natural light as possible by closing curtains and blinds and turning on lighting in gloomy spots. Large mirrors are fantastic for reflecting light and making a space appear larger. Keep the temperature reasonable – not too hot or too cold. If your house is very hot in the summer, try closing all curtains and blinds until just before your viewers come to keep it cooler.

You’ll have more time to find your next move if you carefully prepare for a property valuation. An estate agent valuation is more than simply determining the value of your home; it is also about selecting the best estate agent. Meeting with your estate agent during the valuation is an excellent method to determine whether they are the suitable firm to sell your house and whether you have a strong connection with them.