What are the 5 principles of early childhood education?

It is proven that most of the children’s brain development occurred within the age of 5 years. This makes early childhood education important for every kid.

Early childhood education plays the most important role in a child’s mental, physical, and behavioral development. What he learns, experiences, and achieves during this time being, works as a milestone for his or her entire life.

Mini Miracles is one of the early childhood centers in Bruce that follows some principles when it comes to children’s education at an early stage.

Here we will discuss different angles of early childhood education and how you can make this stage even better for your baby.

Importance of early childhood education

There are many importance of early childhood education which we will discuss here –

  • Self-identification: It is very important that your child learn to value himself. Early childhood education can provide every child with an environment where he can learn and know himself, evaluate his importance, etc.
  • Socialization: With self-evaluation, every child must learn to value others too. In preschools, children will be able to know each other well, can communicate with each other, and hence they can gradually learn socialization.
  • Self-development: pre-schooling plays an essential role in the development process of every child. Each kid is unique himself and we must allow them to flourish at their own speed and space.

Early schooling will help the parents to understand their children’s likings better. With parents’ cooperation, a child can develop better in pre-school.

  • Improve communication skills: every child starts communicating their comforts and discomforts to their parents and close ones, after birth.

But during the growth period, it is more important that they develop their communication skills further to communicate with others too.

At an early childhood center in Bruce, your kid can learn to communicate more with the help of different tools and media.

For example, preschools like Mini Miracles organized dance, drama, music, and other cultural activities for your kid. Participation in these activities will develop the communication skills of children.

  • Confidence build-up: At Mini Miracles, teachers and coordinators value every child. So, children can feel more of a sense of comfort in doing different activities along with studying and learning.

They become more active and enthusiastic in sharing their views with others and this can boost their confidence.

Principal of early childhood education

Early schools must follow some principles for the betterment of students –

  • Equality: All students are equal irrespective of the different backgrounds they belong to. So everyone needs to be nurtured and cared for equally.
  • Creating a positive environment: the atmosphere of preschool should be full of fun and positive attitudes where any child can feel happy and comfortable.

Value children’s thoughts: preschools must value the thoughts of every child irrespective of their cultural, social, and religious differences of them.

Playful learning approach: in every preschool, learning should be more fun and playful, not boring. So that students can grow more interested in learning different things.

  • Enough encouraging: in early schools, educators must be encouraging enough to every student so that they can feel more confident and participate in every activity without any hesitation.

This encouragement should also be given to parents because families are the first place where children can start learning. If parents get encouragement, they can actively participate in their child’s learning process too.

At early childhood centers in Bruce, like Mini Miracles, all of these principles are followed properly. This could be the desired place for your child’s early school education.

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