Warning Signs Of Dangers Around A Dog

Dogs are lovable pets. People may also refer to them as “mood boosters” or “loyal companions.” However, not all dogs are meant to be played with. Several breeds of dogs are dangerous to be around, and it is important to know the warning signs before they cause you an injury. 

The breed is not always to blame in many cases. There are various reasons a dog may want to attack you. Maybe they were guarding a property you entered, or they feared you. No matter what the grounds may be, the owner of the animal is obligated to look after their pet and make sure they do not hurt anybody. In case a dog owner’s irresponsibility has caused your injuries, Miami personal injury attorney can help. 

Warning signs of a dangerous dog 

  • Growling and snapping. 

When a dog growls at you, it should be an obvious sign that they are unhappy or uncomfortable. Dogs express their emotions in various ways, and growling and snapping are their ways of communicating with you. Pay attention to these behaviors and notice when they behave like this. For example, if they specifically growl when strangers approach them, it should signify that they do not like a new company. 

  • Lip licking and yawning. 

When you see a cute dog, you may get excited and run over to them to pet them or play with them. However, you should pay attention to its behavior when you come close to it. If the dog is licking its lips even with no food around, yawning and averting gaze, chances are it does not look forward to your company. 

  • Wagging tail. 

It is a misconception that a dog wagging its tail is always happy. But, there is another part to this story. When a happy dog wags its tail, it may move its entire body along with its tail. However, when a dog is about to bite, their tail may be wagging, but their bodies will be rigid, and their tail will be pointed high. 

  • Sclera sighting.

The sclera, the white portion of a dog’s eyes, is most of the time not visible. It only becomes visible when a dog faces in one direction and stares at something in the other. This reveals anxious behavior. When the sclera of a dog is visible, stop petting them and keep your distance; otherwise, they may bite you because of feeling threatened. 

No matter how safe a dog may seem to you or its owner, there are always chances of them acting aggressively. If you or your loved one has acquired injuries, it is time you take action against the dog owner and get the compensation you need for your dog bite treatment.