Using a recruitment software tool to help recruiters quickly get the best talent for clients

A great recruitment process is incomplete without the right people found at the right time with the help of the right technology. Simply put, modern hiring needs the best recruitment software for agencies in order to be successful.

Different tech tools go into helping staffing agencies and their recruiters perform at their peak. Candidate skills assessment software with a variety of skills tests to assess all applicants before placing them in the jobs is a huge requirement. Positive candidate experience and candidate management are not possible without great communication which gets a boost from telephony tools and video calling software.

But the best software for recruitment agencies is crucial to a recruiter’s efficiency and productivity. The right CRM software can impact how a recruiter performs and the results they produce.

How recruitment software influences the best recruiting process 

There are a lot of major and minor benefits to adopting a good recruitment agency software and improving the hiring process. But some of the important ways the recruitment process improves are –

  • Widening talent pool and making candidate sourcing easier

The war for talent is not letting up. The candidate pool is tight for most recruiters. The best applicants will not lack good opportunities and will easily get the best offers as soon as they enter the job market. Recruiting software steps in with its ability to source candidates quickly. It makes it easy to access updated information from LinkedIn and other social media platforms used by recruiters. Instead of manually copying key data from every potential candidate, the best recruiting software enables recruiters to have instant access to the profiles in real-time without having to go to the platforms and search for each profile.

  • Remote recruiting is easier and more efficient

Over the past few years, digital hiring has become more prevalent and staffing agencies must invest in a good recruitment database software. The remote hiring process gets easier with the help of a robust cloud-based recruitment software system. Now recruiters are not tied to their office desks, and they can work effectively from anywhere they choose. With data saved on the cloud, they can work from home or during their commute. It also makes team collaboration easier. For instance, if a recruiter is on holiday or off sick and their team must pick up some of their work, the recruiter can easily share reports or any data from their mobile app or their laptop which has the cloud-based recruitment CRM.

  • Integration with other recruiting tools

A good recruitment agency software solution can integrate smoothly with other tools that recruiters need to complete their hiring process successfully. As checking candidate proficiency is critical, online skills assessment software is a vital tool that helps differentiate a good candidate from a skilled, qualified one. If the recruitment database software that is used by the agency works perfectly with this online skills testing software then it boosts the recruiter’s efficiency due to how seamlessly easy it is to choose and send a skills test, get the test results and share with the hiring company. The same goes for other software systems such as video calling software or e-signature tools.

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  • Carrying candidate compliance checks

GDPR and IR35 regulations are strictly regulated. And right-to-work checks have to be carried out for every job placement. Thus, recruiters realise how important compliance checks are for a successful recruitment process. But they can be complicated which means there is a need for the best software for recruitment agencies to help with these checks. A CRM software can send reminders when it is time to get consent for GDPR. It will also act as a good IR35 software for recruiters who work with contractors. Missing out on these checks can result in penalties. Some hefty fines can actually mean ruin for staffing businesses.

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