Understanding What Your Kid Wants From You During A Divorce

When a divorce takes place, the couple is often busy taking care of their own mental health. Feelings of anger, stress, sadness, shock, and depression are common, and people often seek therapy for these problems. However, most people forget to consider their child’s feelings. 

It is extremely painful for a child to see their parents fight and separate. They become upset and acquire trauma that requires a very long healing process. It is crucial to understand what they want from their parents during this time. Hiring a salt lake city divorce lawyer will allow you more time to pay attention to your kids. 

What does your child want from you during a divorce?

Parents often feel helpless when they see their child suffering from sadness during a divorce. Many people fail to realize that they can significantly help their kids by understanding what they want. Kids are confused, hurt and may also be angry during this time, but a simple conversation can provide them with the answers they are looking for.

Keep in mind that every child is different, and many have different needs. Age is also a factor here. However, there are certain things that all children want from their parents. 

  • Why the divorce is happening and how it will be affecting their life. 
  • Where you, your ex-spouse, and the child will live after that.
  • If they have to move and change schools.
  • Whether they can still meet with their group of friends.
  • Whether they can still take their music, soccer, and painting classes.
  • How much time they will be spending with each parent.
  • If they can choose to live in the same place.

Avoid making these mistakes 

Along with understanding your child’s needs, you should also be aware of some common mistakes parents usually make. Kids are already stressed when they have to experience their parents’ divorce. You want to ensure that you do not do something that worsens the situation. Avoid the following two things when dealing with your child. 

  • Do not use them as messengers. 

They are your children, not your messengers. You should not use them to communicate with your ex-spouse. No matter how bad the terms between you two are, children should never be involved in their parents’ fights.

  • Do not badmouth your ex-spouse. 

Just because they are no longer your spouse does not mean that they are no longer a part of your life. If you have children with someone, that person will forever remain the parent of your child, whether you like it or not. You have to make sure you do not speak ill about them as it can damage the parent-child relationship. 

One of the best ways to ensure your child’s mental health remains stable is getting a collaborative divorce in salt lake city. Hire an attorney to learn more about the process. 

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