The uses of Mobile Apps Giving services

None is lovely, but I’ll go over some choices to purchase an app for another person. You may either buy a Google Play gift card, give money to them with Google Pay via Gmail or add it to your Google Play Family library, where you can buy the application via your account later on. One of these ways works best for you, depending on whom you believe in contact management app.

Add the application to your library

Adding an Android app to your Google Play Family Library is ideal to buy it for another person. Essentially, you accept the software with your account, and the recipient will be able to download the software as if they had bought it.

However, this strategy is disadvantageous. You must add the recipient to your Google Play Family Library, which is excellent for real families but not so good for pals. The major problem is that Google Play Family members will have access to the payment method that allows them to use your credit card in the future for buying applications and other Google Play items.

Go ahead and run the Play Store app on your Android phone if you’re comfortable with this. Open the side navigation menu, scroll down to pick “Account.” Open the top-left Hamburger icon. From the drop-down menu, select “Family,” then “Sign in to Family Library.” You can do this on the website of Google if you use a PC.

How to participate in app giving services?

Press “Sign up” twice from there, then tap “Continue.” You will be encouraged to provide a payment method for your family account, so select “Create” and enter your credit or debit card information. Remember that with this card, other members of your Google Play Family will be able to shop on the Play Store.

Now you may include your past app and game shopping in the Family Library – it is not necessary the app you “give,” as you can buy it later. To enjoy the apps you previously purchased, hit “Continue,” then tap “Add all eligible purchases immediately” and tap “Continue.”

You will need to add the person you are now donating an app to your Google Play family. Choose “Continue,” then from your contact list, choose the name of the person. You can add up to five people to your Google Play Family, but you will have to hit “Send” when you pick all of them.

The person or persons you are joining your Google Play Family at this time will be sent an email. Just press “Accept Invitation,” sign in using your Google account and follow the instructions on the next screen.

You might believe right now that this is more effort than it is worth it, but now and in the future, things will become much more manageable. All you have to do from now on is buy an app or game on your smartphone and give it to someone in your GPF. If you would like to surprise them, visit the Play Store application page and click the share button to send a link to them. You can download and install the app as if you have already paid for it!


There are a couple of limits. For starters, in-app purchases do not go into the Google Play Family Library. Second, although most apps are eligible, not all are eligible for the Family Library. Open the Play Store page of the application you wish to buy and click on “Read More” to discover if you can install it. If you see the “Family Library eligible” list, you can purchase software and be aware that the recipient can download the software on your smartphone free of charge.

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