The PVC shutter at low prices

The PVC shutter, is the most practical and at a low price

The PVC shutter, the advantages of an essential material

For almost 30 years, PVC has become a major player in the market for shutters in new developments, in the renovation of individual houses, and, above all, in collective housing.

With a correct sound and thermal insulation ratio, a PVC shutter saves energy because it does not conduct heat or cold. The sealing of the PVC shutter, associated with the installation of insulating glazing will make significant energy savings.

Unalterable, and rot-proof, the PVC Shutters Melbourne offers excellent resistance over time. It is therefore widely used by the sea because of its resistance to UV and saline aggressiveness. Its self-extinguishing character makes it burn in flames but self-extinguish out of a fire.

PVC is a healthy material that prevents any bacteriological development on the surface. The maintenance of a PVC shutter is limited to a simple wipe with a sponge in soapy water or with a mild detergent because, non-porous, PVC is resistant to dirt. In addition, the PVC shutter will not require any staining or lacquering every 2/3 years as required by other materials.

Recyclable, lead-free PVC is “an ecological material”, which respects environmental standards.

Finally, one of the great advantages of PVC, and not the least, is its price! It is the cheapest material of all, offering excellent value for money. However, the choice of colors remains limited and its dimensional limits are reduced.

The acquisition of Pvc shutters, PVC swing shutters, PVC roller shutters, PVC folding shutters, PVC sliding shutters or PVC louver shutters allows you to benefit, under certain conditions, from a tax credit equal to 10% applied to the amount including tax. the cost of shutters, excluding installation (only in condominiums) and 13% in the event of work packages in villas.

The minuses of the PVC component

PVC is a soft and flexible material that is not very suitable for large shutters which will tend to deform over time. Unlike wood, it is difficult to repair. A broken shutter will have to be changed entirely. PVC is only available in a limited choice of colors. However, the choice must necessarily fall within the available range because this material cannot be painted.

Chosen in white it will resist the sun’s rays well, whereas in a darker shade which will tend to retain heat, the shutter will tend to expand or even deform and the color fade over time.

PVC shutter, PVC swing shutter, PVC rolling shutter, PVC folding shutter, PVC sliding shutter, or PVC shutter  

Which model to choose?

The PVC roller shutter offers correct performance in terms of thermal insulation and in particular sound insulation. It is ideal for accommodation located in a residence.

It is resistant to bad weather (with the exception of hail) and climatic variations.

The PVC roller shutter is ideal for small windows.

The PVC shutter, PVC swing shutter, rigid and robust, will also offer perfect insulation. However, we will reserve it for medium-sized shutters. The PVC shutter or the PVC louver shutter can be reinforced for more solidity.

The PVC louver shutter will give windows a more traditional style. These shutters can be installed very easily with herringbone, level or rounded blades.

Discreetly, the PVC folding shutter folds down on the side without cluttering the walls of the house. We will choose the PVC folding shutter for upstairs windows because they are easy to hook in the middle, at the location of the opening.

This model adapts perfectly if the windows are closed or if the opening is hindered by a gutter.

The PVC sliding shutter will provide suitable rigidity for this type of original and functional closure. Extremely easy to handle, the PVC sliding shutter, lightweight, will slide on its rails with a simple finger push.

The advice to give: choose an excellent quality PVC Shutters and avoid low-end and inexpensive models. A shutter subjected to repetitive openings and closings, undergoes the vagaries of the weather, to last it must be of irreproachable quality. A good initial investment will prove profitable over time.

The advantages of PVC? lightness and resistance

Both from the point of view of thermal insulation and ease of use or maintenance, the PVC roller shutter is a real plus. Moreover, contrary to many received ideas, the price is no longer an obstacle. The motorized roller shutter is no longer just for the wealthiest households. If you are considering a shutter renovation, perhaps you should consider installing roller shutters.

Admittedly, a manual roller shutter is less expensive, but even if you have to equip yourself, you might as well consider choosing a model equipped with a motor. The installation is substantially the same, only the price of the electrical control will modify the estimate. And do not think that the price will fly so far. Electric roller shutters have become widely available.

The PVC apron has the advantage of being light and robust, which does not require a great effort to roll up. An electric roller shutter is therefore equipped with small motorization. Nothing prohibitive.

The tunnel box is identical to a manual model, as are each mechanical element. Only the motorization part changes the game and simplifies the maneuver. You can even consider installing a manual PVC shutter, to which you will later add a tubular motor (the typical roller shutter motor). Motorizing a roller shutter is relatively simple in terms of work. A good installer will be done very quickly.

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