The different types of casino roulette

There are different types of roulette in the casino. Indeed, roulette or casino games, in general, have long been seen as the prerogative of the privileged. However, the situation changed very quickly and with the rise of digital, casino games such as roulette have been popularized and adopted by more and more players. It is therefore very useful to identify the particularity of the different kinds of roulette available in order to ยูฟ่าเบท better enjoy this very exciting game.

We are therefore going to discover the different types of roulettes that you can play at the casino.

French roulette: the typically European type of roulette

It is impossible to discuss the types of roulette without starting with French roulette. Created by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century, this type of so-called French roulette offers many more possibilities for winning compared to other kinds of roulette. The game table in the French version includes the betting table in addition to roulette. This type of roulette at the casino includes a total of 37 numbers, in addition to a carpet and finally a ball.

The number of players who can take part in the games is not limited. This form sees its animation entrusted to a table manager as well as 3 croupiers. All the participants have facial valuation tokens which are the same. Finally, the probability of winning at the casino is estimated at 2.7%.

English roulette: a special type of roulette

The so-called English type of roulette resembles the French version. This variety differs from the French version in the way it is used. In addition, the rules applicable to English roulette particularly characterize it.

For example, contrary to French roulette, there is a limitation on the number of possible players. It should also be noted that each player has a token with a truly unique color. This token makes it easy to identify the parties. Finally, the animation of the game is the responsibility of a single dealer.

American roulette, an interesting form of roulette

Aside from the types of the French and English versions, American is also a form of casino roulette that is particularly noteworthy. It has a set of 38 numbers which include 2 squares with 0. These zeros reduce the chances of the participants and increase the opportunities for the casino.

Regarding the game table, it remains identical to the so-called European or French one. The game takes place with a ball and also a carpet. In terms of stakes, it’s the same as French roulette, the same for the different bets. Finally, the chances of winning at the casino with the latter are estimated at 5.26%.

The German version

German roulette is a type of roulette that results from the combination of European and English. These are face values ​​presented by the different tokens used in the game. Participants can request the differentiation of their tokens for various reasons. The direction of the game remains ensured by a single croupier who is also in charge of the animation of the table. Regarding the gains, the parameters are the same as those mentioned above.

The type of Mexican roulette

Mexican roulette is a traditional version and has the maximum number of numbers compared to other types of roulette. It has a total of 39 boxes as well as a table devoted to UFABET bets essentially constituting the game room. Mexican roulette shares the same principles as American roulette except that it has an additional 3rd box containing a triple 0, synonymous with increased house odds.

Unlike the other types of roulette mentioned, when the ball stops on one of the 3 squares at 0, a systematic loss of the player’s total bet is recorded! This is why of all the types of roulette, it is seen as the one that is the most disadvantageous and involves the most risk for those who play!

Online roulette

Live roulette or online roulette is played on internet platforms. It should be noted that it is played differently from the way in which one plays physical roulette or in land-based casinos. However, it is always a physical croupier who manages the game. But everything is in place to provide the same sensations with the online version as in a physical casino. Everything is similar in terms of the odds of winnings and stakes.

So! You now know better the different types of casters that exist as well as their particularities. It’s up to you to take advantage of the one that suits you best or to vary your enjoyment of the game with others too!

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