Tamilrockers – The World’s Largest Pirated Movie Website

Basically Tamilrockers is a website that specializes in providing illegal and copyrighted content. The site is regularly being blocked by ISP providers to ensure that its users do not access the website. It is not run by a single person, but rather by a group of people.

It is an Indian piracy website

Known as one of the largest piracy website in India, Tamilrockers has been a big headache for filmmakers. In 2011, a small team of friends in Tamil Nadu launched this bootleg recording network. It offered a variety of Indian films and television shows. At the time, the group had contributors from around the world. The team was inspired by the world famous Pirate Bay.

Tamilrockers uses magnet links to download copyrighted material. It also provides pirated versions of TV shows. It offers content in 1080p and 360p resolutions. It also offers pirated versions of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It has a large number of users and contributes to many social media groups.

The team of Tamilrockers regularly switches to new web addresses to avoid getting blocked. It is also thought to be part of an international syndicate. It has been accused of causing major losses to film distributors.

Besides providing pirated copies of movies, Tamilrockers also offers illegal streaming of TV shows. It has a large number of users, mainly expatriate Tamils.

It provides illegal & copyrighted content

Initially, Tamilrocks was a bootleg recording network. However, it soon branched out to other regional languages. It also became a popular torrent website.

The site has over 6.5 billion web visitors. Its homepage features popular torrent categories. It also has a user-friendly interface. It also has a nifty feature – search for copyrighted material.

The site also offers illegal streaming of TV shows. It is also home to some of the latest Bollywood movies. Its collection of local language films is immense. Its content is also available in 480p and 720p.

Another cool thing about Tamilrocks is that it offers a service to moviegoers. It releases films within minutes of OTT release. However, its illegal practices have been criticized by the industry. It has also been accused of releasing a film titled ‘Garuda’ before its theatrical release. The movie, starring action hero Aditya, has a budget of 300 crores.

The site also uses magnet links to facilitate file sharing. Some of its domains are also known for malware.

It is regularly being blocked by ISP providers to control privacy

Despite the presence of an ostensibly uncensored internet service provider in India, the site is still blocked. The government deems it a security hazard and forces ISPs to block the ye olde internet trolls, er, users. In an effort to stymie such antics, the government has issued an odd-numbered list of restrictions, the most notable of which are not exactly benign. In this regard, the ol’ sex is no match. The government has also enacted measures aimed at shoving the competition to the curb.

The good news is that, for the most part, a visit to the web’s best known web addresses is still possible. Using a VPN is a good start. This tactic is a win-win in a pinch as it not only protects your privacy but also enables you to sift through all the web’s spam and malicious opportunists. Using a VPN will also have the side effect of ensuring you don’t waste time on sites you will never visit again.

It is not run by a single person

Despite being the world’s largest pirated movie website, Tamilrockers is not run by a single individual. In fact, it has a team of contributors who work across the globe.

The website allows users to download copyrighted material including Bollywood, Tamil, and Hollywood movies. It also provides users with MP3 and movie print options. However, the site is illegal and violates copyright rules.

The site also offers illegal streaming of TV shows and movies. In addition, users can search for copyrighted material on the site. It uses magnet links to facilitate file sharing.

The website is hosted on proxy servers in Ukraine and Russia. However, many of these domains have been blocked by the government.

The site is also believed to be linked to an international syndicate. According to reports, some of its members are in charge of sourcing film recordings. They upload movie prints to the site after recording them in local theatres.


Tamilrockers has been booked under the IT Act and Copyright Act. It has been remanded to judicial custody.

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