Solitaire – an evergreen gemstone that gives the right kind of flair

Picking out pieces of jewellery for oneself or as gifts is not a particularly easy task. There are several problems that one can face while purchasing jewels – the expenditure associated, the personal senses of style, individuals preferences, lack of good options, needing time and energy to visit different stores, etc. All these problems have one solution – Melorra.

About this company – This popular brand curates all kinds of fine jewellery for their customers. Browse this website to see collections vary in terms of the materials used – shades of gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc; upcoming trends and seasonal styles designs used, etc. They ensure to employ the finest of craftsmen who are skilled in working with intricate and heavy jewellery. The research that goes into creating each piece to ensure its relevance and long-standing significance is what makes this company fan favorite.

Appealing gemstone pendants – If you are someone who prefers simplistic, dainty jewellery, pendants are the way to go. Here is where you would find a plethora of solitaire pendants that are attractive to the eye and ready for purchase. Since solitaires are considered some of the most elegant and timeless gems, these pendants do not look over-the-top even when worn on casual outfits. Style it where a solitaire is just peeking out of the neck of the shirt or rest it over your top to give a clear view of the design, either way, the appeal goes your way.

Designs available – If you are thinking that there is not much one would be able to do with a single stone and limited options as a pendant, you are about to be proven wrong. This brand has worked its magic by coming up with several designs, each more unique than the other, to create the range. Pair it up with a golden or a silver chain, the designs adapt themselves to suit the look.

  • A large solitaire – The classic single stone pendant are sought-after purchases because of the evergreen look they provide
  • Halo – Dream come true in terms of a single solitaire gorgeously surrounded by several small ones to give a royal vibe. The solitaire can be cut in a square or a round shape to give a varied look to each piece.
  • Twirls and stacks – Creatively coming up with options not only in the main motif but also in the areas surrounding them, an S-shaped pendant in diamonds or mini stacks of gold leading up to the solitaire can go a long way.
  • Fusion – An extraordinary design with an elegant mix of gold and silver is the new talk of the town.
  • Rose gold – For modern women with fancy styles, a rose gold setup can be the ideal choice owing to its chic look and funky design.

There is not much to experiment with classic designs like these and therefore, there is not much that can go wrong. The safest investment in jewellery can be in the form of pendants and solitaires and if you are feeling a bit bolder, explore the vast collection laid out for you. Happy shopping!

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