Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation: in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can concentrate. And website provide by world most popular entertainment music health lifestyle and much more information here.

During Chi (meditation) dress in loose-fitting clothing. Loosen your belt and remove your glasses and watch. Remember to keep the knees, nape of the neck and toes free of binding clothing. Dress warmly enough so that you are not distracted by the cold.

The room must be kept well-ventilated, but do not sit in front of a window. The body generates excess heat during meditation and a draft may cause a cold. Avoid meditating with light shining in your eyes. If a room is too light it will disturb your concentration; if too dark it may make you sleepy.

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According to the Taoist masters, if you stop eating when you are two-thirds full your stomach will have room to digest the food. When you are too full you lose lucidity and power of concentration

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