Northern Lights feminized

This cannabis variant isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Northern Lights seeds feminized strain packs quite a punch. Medical and recreational users delight in its euphoric yet serene effects that help calm the body and mind.

Northern Lights feminized seeds and strain is a champion and has been awarded several accolades over the years. The most prestigious being the Cannabis Cup which it placed in several times over the years. It was winning so much at one stage that other competitors asked that it be left out of certain contests altogether.

Get ready to discover what makes the Northern Lights feminized seeds so amazing and why the buds they produce are considered one of the highest-rated strains.

Northern Lights feminized seeds description

These babies are bound to light up your life. They’re known as one of the toughest strains available. Northern Lights seeds feminized produce excellent results in the harshest climates. The strain is 90% indica and 10% sativa and aptly named after the Aurora Borealis since it gives users such an enlightened high.

The rise to puff heaven also has deeply calming properties for the body and soul. When you light up, a distinctive earthy scent is what you notice first, followed by hints of herby fruits. THC levels hover around 14–17%, and the plant contains below 2% CBD.

If you know the basics of cultivating marijuana, then you’ll find it’s relatively easy to grow. With proper care, it delivers generous harvests. Northern Lights feminized seeds prefer warmer Mediterranean environments, but they can also withstand harsher climates.

The short, stocky crop grown from Northern Lights feminized seeds does well inside small rooms and on balconies. Beginner growers may find it challenging to cultivate and get it to yield a generous harvest. The plant is a bit picky as to the type of conditions it thrives in.

If planted inside a greenhouse, the seedlings need to have a temperature setting of 68–85°F for best growth. It’s a compact plant with a short flowering period, and if planted indoors, you can harvest later on in the season.

Enjoying a puff at the end of a long day is what every stoner needs to destress. Be warned, though—this is one strain that’s bound to give you the munchies. Keep snacks and water close by.

While relaxing your inner soul, it rewards you with some serious couch-lock. It’s best for evening sessions when you don’t have to focus on anything important and can head to bed if necessary.

Northern Lights feminized effects

If you ever need a pick-me-upper, this strain is perfect for you. The buds produced by Northern Lights feminized seeds glide you into a happy dream state with lots of giggles and a huge smile that fills your face. Indulge too much, and you may experience heavy, puffy eyes and cottonmouth.

The full-blooded indica effects make this cannabis blend a perfect indulgence at the end of a long day when you can put your feet up and unwind. We recommend not using it in the morning when you need to focus on work or driving; it has a seriously sedative effect.

Users claim that they experience relaxed muscles and a soothed mind. It’s a powerful high which novice users might find overwhelming. Besides the pleasing effects, the Northern Lights feminized seeds produce a plant with some amazing medicinal benefits.

Many consumers attest to its ability to combat inflammation, muscle spasms, and insomnia. Some people claim that it helps in fighting pain and body aches caused by various illnesses. Many patients also report that this strain reduces feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.

An additional benefit of Northern Lights feminized seeds’ weed is that it increases appetite. This effect is very useful for people going through chemotherapy or struggling with eating disorders. For those of you who have a great appetite, be aware that snack attacks will happen.

Keep some healthy food on hand so you don’t overindulge when you get the munchies. If you’re using the strain to treat any ailments, make sure you consult with your doctor first, as it can be quite potent when used for the first time. Start with low doses and increase until you find the perfect amount for you.

Northern Lights feminized flavors

This herb from Northern Lights feminized seeds is one strong blend, and on inhale, you can expect some intense, spicy flavors. An earthy base note underlines the bold, spicy top one with a bit of skunk that lingers in your mouth for a long time after exhaling.

After the initial hit, you discover some herbal flavors enveloped by pine and tree fruit. Hints of citrus, lemon, and a touch of sweetness round this zesty strain perfectly.

The spicy yet sweet combination is what attracts many users to this queen strain. The flavor palate differs between consumers, with some reporting more sweetness coming through and others noticing the earthiness instead.

The strain is pleasant without a single flavor being too intense or overwhelming, which could be why users can’t decide on a dominant flavor. No matter what your preferred tang is, you’ll get a bit of it from Northern Lights.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

There are several germination methods you can use to get your Northern Lights feminized seeds growing. Below are a few of our favorites.

The paper towel method

This method is how you should germinate your Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds if you want to take advantage of their money-back guarantee. All you need is two clean plates, paper towels, and your seeds.

Use the cheap paper towels instead of the more expensive ones, as they’re porous and your Northern Lights feminized seeds won’t stick to them. If you use the pricey ones, the seeds are likely to grow into them. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Soak four sheets of paper in distilled water. The towels should be wet but not have any water dripping off them
  2. Place two sheets on a plate and lay the seeds down at least 1” apart. Cover with the other two towels.
  3. Place the other plate on top of the one with the seeds to lock in the moisture. Leave the setup in a room with a temperature of between 70–90°F.
  4. Now you can sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Be sure to check on your seeds regularly to see if they’ve sprouted.
  5. If you notice that the sheets are drying out, add more water. They should be constantly damp.
  6. Expect to see taproots in 1–5 days.

Plant directly into soil

This is the most natural approach. You can plant Northern Lights feminized seeds directly into your choice of growing medium. The biggest advantage to this method is you don’t risk ‘shocking’ the seedlings while transporting them. Your seedling will pop and should instantly adjust to its environment.

For this method, dig a hole about 0.5–1” deep and make sure the soil is moist but not soaking. Place your seed inside and cover it with the soil. You should see your taproots within a few days.

Seedling plugs and starter cubes

This is another simple technique that involves purchasing premade cubes or plugs and placing the seeds inside. Sprinkle the cube with water and leave it in a room at the right temperature. Your Northern Lights feminized seeds should automatically pop within a few days.

The disadvantage to this method is the plugs usually come in packs of 50, so you might waste a few. Once the pack is open, the plugs dry out in a week, rendering them useless.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow information

The short, stocky plant from Northern Lights feminized seeds only reaches 4ft. if planted inside, making it suitable for cultivating in pots on balconies or terraces. If you plant outdoors, the crops can reach a further 2.5 feet in height. It doesn’t produce a strong odor as it develops, so it’s perfect for stealth cultivating.

If you want to grow Northern Lights feminized seeds outdoors, start the germination process indoors. When your plant reaches 18 inches, move it outside. You need a 600W lamp to warm up your buds if your grow room is cool. It’s a hardy strain and does well in cool and hot climates, but it prefers warmer weather.

Once this green beauty reaches the vegetative state, you need to make sure it gets a minimum of 18 hours of light per day. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any dark cycles as photosynthesis stops. Make use of grow lamps indoors to generate enough light.

Feed your crops at each growth stage to strengthen the roots and nourish the buds. Nutrient-rich supplements give your weed what it needs to produce fat, juicy buds.

Boost plant growth with lollipopping and super cropping. With the former, you remove the foliage up to a certain point on each branch. This technique helps to maximize the end bud sites by giving the right nodes access to direct light.

Super cropping forces the top branches to grow horizontally. In this way, the primary buds are exposed to more light.

After planting your Northern Lights feminized seeds, expect flowering to occur within 6–8 weeks. This makes this beauty one of the fastest blooming strains around. Yields vary at 14–17 oz./m² indoor and 31 oz./plant for outdoors setups.

The ideal harvest window for Northern Lights seeds feminized is between September and October. Feed your crops at each growth cycle stage to strengthen the roots and nourish the buds.

Northern Lights feminized seeds genetics

This stocky beauty is an interbred line, meaning that all the desirable genes of the parent strains have been crossed to make an elite blend. The Northern Lights feminized seeds are 10% sativa, 90% indica. It has both Afghani and Thai landrace genetics.

The heritage of the sassy seeds is thought to have come out of west coast America, boasting a lineage of 11 different seeds. The varieties have been bred, inbred, and hybridized so many times that the precise genetic makeup is a bit of a mystery.

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

There are various options when shopping around for Northern Lights feminized seeds. You’ll find online stores selling them, and depending on which state you live in, you can get your cannabis at dispensaries. The experts at Homegrown Cannabis Co note you should check if buying seeds is legal in your state before placing an order.

You need reassurance that the source you purchase Northern Lights feminized seeds from is both reputable and reliable. Look for reviews left by previous buyers to find out what they thought of the service and quality of the products.

When shopping online, check for the following:

  • Secure and discreet store-to-door delivery
  • Easy chat options for advice and order follow-ups
  • Educational blog to assist you with your cultivation efforts
  • Tools to help you get from germination to harvest
  • High quality, tested seeds with good yields

Experience the Aurora Borealis from your couch

Seasoned users and knowledgeable novices will find that the Northern Lights seeds feminized strain is one they’ll want to keep on hand at all times. The bud packs a punch when it comes to improving your mood while decreasing levels of stress and anxiety.

It’s not the easiest cannabis strain to cultivate, but it can produce excellent quality and quantity harvests with patience and the correct techniques. Start your grow patch indoors, and once the plant is strong enough, move it outside to mature.

If you haven’t started looking for this amazing strain yet, do yourself a favor and buy some Northern Lights feminized seeds today. Germinate and plant them when they arrive, and you’ll reap your rewards after 6–8 weeks of flowering.