Maxim88 Is The Latest Online Casino That Accept Cryptocurrency

Online gambling is a growing industry with its own unique benefits and pitfalls. With the advent of internet casinos, online gambling has become much more accessible to the general public. Maxim88 is an online casino in Malaysia that recently started accepting cryptocurrency as payment for services. This article provides a brief history of the online casino Malaysia and why they have become so popular and explains how cryptocurrency can be used to gamble in Maxim88.

Who Is Maxim88? How Reputable Is It As An Online Casino?

Maxim88 Casino is a brand-new online casino that offers USDT and Bitcoin as its deposit methods. Because of this, the online casino is considered one of the first and most trusted Bitcoin casinos on the market. This is another great news for Bitcoin owners and anyone who wants to play casino games without having to worry about any hacking or scams.

As a well-known online gaming site since 2006, Maxim88 has grown in popularity. It was originally designed for slot enthusiasts, and it has grown and changed through time. As of today, Maxim88 is a well-rounded online casino that provides a diverse selection of games that includes, but is not limited to, live dealer casino games, online sports gambling, fish shooting games, and of course, slot machines.

For its fast deposit and withdrawal processes, extremely attentive customer service, diverse payment methods, tight security, promotions, and general website usability throughout the years, Maxim88 has earned a great deal of positive feedback. You will be able to delight yourself with games from the finest suppliers on the market in this section of the site.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted In Maxim88 Malaysia

Maxim88 Malaysia is now offering Cryptocurrency as a payment method. This ensures that players are always able to deposit and withdraw using the currency of their choice. The site offers players various levels of bonuses including an exclusive promotional bonus that allows cryptocurrency players to claim up to MYR 288 in bonuses.

Currently, Maxim88 only accepts Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) as their cryptocurrency payment methods. This means that players must deposit their cryptocurrency to Maxim88 online casino before they can play for real money at Maxim88.

The minimum deposit for using USDT is 10 USDT units, where at the current time it converts to RM 41.60. On the other hand, the minimum deposit for using Bitcoin is 0.005 units, which is priced around RM1,150.

The differences between the two cryptocurrencies are due to the current volatility of both cryptocurrencies in the market. Therefore, we encourage players to deposit via USDT and transfer their winnings to their bank accounts via USDT.

The Notice Of Using USDT In Maxim88

  • The minimum deposit is USDT 10. If you deposit less than that, you risk losing your money.
  • All network confirmation will be granted credit according to the most recent currency rate, not this one.
  • Only USDT-TRC20 should be sent to this deposit address. Thank you for your cooperation. If you send funds to this address using any other currency or token, you risk losing your initial investment.
  • After all network confirmations have been completed, the credit will be applied.
  • To ensure your safety, always send USDT-TRC20 from your own crypto wallet, not from an exchange. Please do not use the number “MAXIM88” or any other gambling-related sensitive terms as a reference.

The Notice Of Using Bitcoin In Maxim88

  • The minimum deposit amount is BTC 0.005, and any amount less than that will result in the forfeiture of your money.
  • The exchange rate is solely for reference purposes; the credit will be issued in accordance with the most recent exchange rate once all network confirmations have been received.
  • It is requested that only bitcoins be sent to this deposit address. Transferring funds to this address with any other currency or token may result in the forfeiture of your investment.
  • The credit will be applied once all network confirmations have been received.

Please transfer the BTC from an exchange to your own crypto wallet rather than straight from the exchange. This is for your own security. Please do not use the “MAXIM88” number or any other sensitive terms associated with gaming as a reference.

Other Alternatives Of Payment Methods In Maxim88

While one of the most interesting things that you will find in this new online casino is its cryptocurrency option, you may find other methods such as online banking and bank transfer. The online casino utilizes the trusted Help2Pay payment method so you may be able to play here with your credit or debit card.

If you’d like, you may instead use a bank transfer. The minimum deposit amount by using the bank transfer is RM10 and you can choose to deposit with a credit/debit card or with your bank account.

Important Notices When Depositing In Maxim88

  • Please make sure you have their most recent bank account information before depositing any money.
  • The bank name of the depositor must be the same as the complete name on the registration document. No deposits may be made using a third-party account, a check, a bank draught, or a credit card.
  • Only after a successful transaction and selection of correct bank account information can a deposit form be submitted.
  • The deposit amount should be rolled over at least one time before any withdrawals to be processed.

Any mistakes or delays in your deposit should be reported to their 24-hour customer support team.

Your money will be processed as quickly as possible after you’ve successfully completed your deposit form and they’ve cleared in their account. If the wait time exceeds ten minutes, please notify us through their Customer Service department. They’ll be there for you at any moment, day, or night, to help.

To avoid any complications, please double-check your bank account details. They DO NOT allow third-party withdrawals.

Final Words

Maxim88 is a great new online casino that accepts cryptocurrency. We highly recommend it. They also have great bonuses and offers for people who join the betting club on their website as well as other frequent offers such as free bets and free spins!

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