Marble-Look Porcelain Tiles : Perfect combination of Style and Strength

The same intense expression, the breathtaking opulence, and the realistic luster- all these on the foundation of white Porcelain, so that you can enjoy the details even more. Yes, today we’re going to talk about White Marble-Look Porcelain Tiles and how they can elevate the luxury quotient of your space without the presence of real marble!

Tiles have evolved considerably in recent times, the advanced technology at our disposal has enabled us to customize any material to our needs. Thanks to digital printing technology, we are able to make any blank material, our own canvas and paint the look of our desires on it. Also, the technical strength of porcelain provides the perfect foundation for creating the desired look with the added advantage of functionality, versatility, and sustainability!

Before we go into the details of white marble-look porcelain tile, let’s first talk about the advantage of using a white marble-look porcelain tile over a real white marble…

  1. It’s affordable, costs less than marble. However, some high-end variants may cost more than marble
  2. It requires low upkeep. Needs virtually no maintenance as it doesn’t scratch, chip, or fade like marble.
  3. It weighs less compared to marble which allows easy transport and installation.
  4. It is customizable! Can be trimmed down to smaller pieces.

All this, plus the realistic look of authentic marble. This is the reason why white marble look porcelain tiles are one of the highly sought-after materials today!


For millennia, marble has been utilized as a construction and surfacing material, and for a valid reason! Its inclusion transforms any project into a designer’s masterwork, emitting a radiance and warmth that no other natural or synthetic surface can match.

From the ancient Greek era till modern times, Marble has retained its popularity as a luxurious material throughout the passage of time. Despite the fact that the Ancient Greek period was nearly 2,000 years ago, many cultures still value marble. Today, marble is used for a wide range of structural and aesthetic applications. From places of worship to modern structures to government buildings, marbles adorn many places in the form of walls, floors, counters, and more!

Among marbles, white marble takes the cake. Just like the moon adorns the sky at night, a white marble beautifies an otherwise dull space with its intricate veins and luster. To reproduce the same look in porcelain tile is to eradicate every con associated with a natural stone. With White marble-look porcelain tile, you only enjoy the benefits associated with the marble and evade the drawbacks!

A Seamless High-end Look!

Nothing beats the immaculate elegance of white marble-look porcelain tiles that creates a seamless high-end look. You can always blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by creating an interior that extends outside. By choosing large white slabs for your project, you can minimize the number of joints and create an uninterrupted harmonious look that stirs a spacious look!

Whether you seek a beautiful covering for the kitchen, the bathroom, or the living room and the drawing-room, the white marble-look porcelain tiles provide the perfect aesthetic appeal and technical performance that you require.


If you’re thinking of mastering a high-end interior design in your home or at your office, Lavish Ceramics’s collections can help you find that crucial element for your exquisite style, that too at an affordable price. Whatever your aesthetic and functional requirements, our comprehensive choice of marble impression tile options will provide stunning and functional covering styles for a variety of spaces.

White marble-look porcelain tiles at Lavish come in a variety of sizes. Medium sizes such as 30x60cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm, and big sizes such as 80x160cm, 120x120cm, and 120x240cm that could be further trimmed and customized as per your specific ornamentation needs!

Lavish holds the NOOR SATUARIO, MARMO SATUARIO, GLOBAL SATVARIO, and more in white variants. The design options don’t end there! To genuinely give your creativity an unbridled freedom, you may explore the MARMOREAL COLLECTION that holds some finely crafted inspiration that will surely evoke the designer in you!

Our distinctive white marble-look porcelain tile range comprises polished and soft surfaces, as well as fashioned mosaics and custom-shaped designs. These beautifully crafted variety of marble-look porcelain tiles convey comfort and style in every setting: traditional and urban, simple and eclectic, brave and elegant.

Why choose marble-look porcelain tile?

First, of all, it provides endless design possibilities and customization, which is not possible in real marble.

Durability that can withstand almost everything: extreme weather, footfall, fire, and cold!

A repeated look is not possible in a genuine marble. If by chance a tile get’s damaged, you can get the same tile again. But, in the case of marble, you don’t have other option but to go for a different piece as every piece of marble is different.

Lastly, marble-look porcelain tile perfectly pairs with every other decor element.


LAVISH aspires to be your one-stop-shop for every kind of tile, making tile shopping easy, convenient, and economical for you. We’re convinced you won’t need to shop anywhere else at all after scrolling through our large selection of marble-look porcelain tiles and everything that you’ll need to install them.

So, why not get in touch with us today to learn more about our marble-look tiles? A helpful, pleasant member of the LAVISH team is always available to help you!