Laughter and health. Good Humor Party

Laughter therapy is a relatively young alternative therapy. In recent years, it has been making a great career in the world due to its widespread availability. Its beneficial influence exerts a very good influence on our sarkari result lives. On social relations, work and school atmosphere. Laughter therapy is used in business. It improves work efficiency

Laughter Clubs and Good Humor Party

An inhabitant of India, a doctor of medicine, Madan Katari, together with his wife, created the first Laughter Club. They invented exercises that made people laugh more often. Laughter therapy was started. Soon more clubs were established and many thousands of people realized how important laughter is in everyday life.

In 2001, an international organization called the Good Humor Party was established in Poland. It was created by Szczepan Sadurski, a satirist and caricaturist. He is a well-known press cartoonist who published high-circulation magazines with jokes at the time. He later became an event caricaturist and is now called one of the fastest cartoonists in the world. He is invited to private and corporate events, where he draws cheerful portraits. It only takes 100 seconds to make one.

Sadurski sees smiling faces every day in his professional work. No wonder it was he who created the Good Humor Party. An organization whose members make more people smile and the membership fee is 3 smiles a day! Its symbol, the Happy Skyscraper, which is photographed all over the world, evokes positive reactions and smiles on faces.

If this information interested you, you will surely find a lot of information on the Internet about this cheerful party and its founder.

Norman Cousin and his problem

In the 1960s, Norman Cousin (1915-1990), a well-known writer and journalist, had health problems. He suffered from degenerative joint disease. Traditional medicine could no longer help him, and Cousin took painkillers every day. He couldn’t sleep because of the pain, his mood was getting worse. And he was still swallowing more medicine.

One day he read that some diseases have been treated with laughter therapy since the 1920s. He decided to move from the hospital to a nearby boarding house. He took a large dose of vitamin C and… started laughing. It was then that he discovered that laughter made him feel better.

10 minutes of laughter every day

Cousin watched comedy movies. Movies with the Marx Brothers, with Charlie Chaplin, cartoons with funny characters. He quickly noticed that it takes 10 minutes of laughter to be pain free for the next 2 hours. Then he would turn on the comedy movie again and watch it. In addition to happy movies, he also watched funny pictures and caricatures. He asked friends who visit him to tell him funny stories. Week by week his health slowly improved.

Soon, his body was examined. The doctors were very surprised. It turned out that the degenerative disease is regressing. Three months later he was healthy and returned to work and normal life. He forgot about his illness.

Happy Skyscraper travels the world

To make people smile more often, Happy Skyscraper was created, which we mentioned above. Because not everyone roobytalk has heard of him, below is some information about him.

Happy Skyscraper is a small box that anyone can download from the Internet. After gluing, the toothpaste box-sized model is ready to travel. You can still take it for a walk around your city or on a long journey.

The smiling skyscraper is a symbol of Good Humor Party. He is photographed in public places – in front of a board with the name of the city, in front of a monument, a palace, a stadium, a famous place. Pictures of the Happy Skyscraper posted on social media cheer up the people who see them. They make more and more people feel good. People who photograph the Happy Skyscraper receive a card of an elite international organization – Good Humor Party. A lot of people don’t understand why they do all this. You don’t need to explain anything to other people. A smile helps in life and work. Anyone who understands this also understands why Good Humor Party was created.