Keeping Your Backyard Beautiful and Safe

Your backyard is your own personal oasis, tucked away from the rest of the world — at least, it should be. In reality, many of our backyards are not so well taken care of, and our neighbors and any snoopy passers-by can see everything.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Instead, follow some tips to make your backyard beautiful, calming, fun, and safe. The next time you’re enjoying your yard and sipping iced tea, you’ll be glad you did!

Put in a Garden

Gardens serve a variety of purposes, from giving you food to housing beautiful flowers. There’s no doubt that a garden can add a sense of beauty and calm to your yard and may even provide some much-needed privacy.

You can use raised beds to make garden vegetables or flowers easier to reach and care for, and the taller base will help your yard feel more cozy and private. For even more privacy, consider growing tall perennials to create a plant-based privacy fence for your space.

If you grow flowers, choose colors you enjoy and plants that match your climate. For vegetables, you’ll want to choose foods you enjoy and plants that aren’t too hard to care for. Also, match your plants to how shady or bright your yard is.

Consider a Patio or Deck

Useable outdoor space is a huge benefit that can make your yard a multipurpose space. You can sit outside to enjoy a coffee or light dinner, or you can have guests over for a cookout and games. Either way, the deck is center stage.

Putting in a deck doesn’t have to be difficult, but make sure you have the right professionals do the work. You want it to be safe! Also, make sure you have great lighting so no one slips on stairs or trips over uneven surfaces.

A patio or deck will go a long way to making your backyard more usable and fun.

Plan to Keep Intruders Out

Unfortunately, people who want to break into a home often try to enter through the backyard because it attracts less attention than the front facing the street. Make sure you take security measures to keep thieves out, including having a security system, keeping bushes trimmed away from windows, and check that both doors and windows lock. You’ll also want to ensure your homeowners’ insurance is up-to-date with your valuable belongings in case anything is stolen.

Not sure what your insurance includes? It’s probably a good idea to talk to a professional agent. The independent agents at Freeway Insurance can help you get an affordable home policy that covers your valuables appropriately if something happens.

Your backyard should be inviting to guests, but not intruders!

Enjoy Your Beautiful Backyard!

A well-kept backyard is a beautiful oasis, and it doesn’t have to take a ton of work. Choose low-maintenance flowers and elevated landscaping to add beauty and privacy to the space. Then, secure your yard and home so thieves don’t find it inviting.

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