It’s time to downsize – Sell your gold jewelry for cash

If you are thinking of downsizing, saving some money, or making some extra cash for the new year you might want to look in your drawers and in your jewelry box for some old jewelry you have no use for. There’s no point in hanging on to jewelry you will never wear or even letting it take up much of your precious space. Declutter your life and make space for some new thing in 2022 by selling your unwanted gold jewelry. If you don’t know where to sell gold jewelry in Melbourne just do a simple Google search on “Where to sell used gold jewelry in Melbourne” and you will get a long list of potential gold jewelry buyers Melbourne.

What kind of Jewellery can you sell?

If your jewelry costs you or someone else a decent amount of money, you should be able to get a decent price for it when you sell. If your jewelry is still in good condition you can find a new home for it by selling it to someone willing to pay a decent amount for real gold jewelry. You can virtually sell any kind of gold jewelry and get cash for it: Some examples of common jewelry pieces that you can sell include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wedding rings, watches, and any other jewelry made from real gold.

Getting the best price for your jewelry

Before you sell your jewelry in Melbourne make sure you get all the facts straight about what karats the gold jewelry is and how much it weighs.

When in doubt follow the following tips:

Get your jewelry appraised

Get an appraisal from a reliable professional. If there is a jeweler near you that you might frequent that might be your best place to go. If you are a customer, they are more likely to give you a free appraisal. You can always say, you want to buy some new jewelry but you want to get rid of the old. Most appraisers will charge you but it might be worthwhile knowing what you should be getting for your gold instead of going into a sale situation without an accurate idea of what you have is worth.

Weigh what you have and learn about the melt value

Gold jewelry is made with a mixture of real gold and some other metals. The melt value is the value of gold in your jewelry when it is melted down and extracted. The melt value is calculated by using the spot price of gold, the karats, and the weight. It can be complicated. A lot of sites will help you by providing an online calculator that will calculate the melt value of your gold.

Find out what the current price of gold is

The price of gold fluctuates all the time, the value of gold today might not be the same as yesterday so when negotiating with jewelry buyers Melbourne, you need to know what the price of gold is on a specific date so you don’t get swindled.

If you approach buyers with all the information you need, your buyer will be able to see how serious you are.

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