Is Your Invisalign Aligner Cutting Your Gums? Here Is What You Can Do

Invisalign aligners are a commonly used technique among dentists. It employs the use of thermoplastic smart track material to align teeth. The aligners are made to size, although not every time. When exact dimensions are not met, the patient might experience different forms of discomfort like cutting in your gums.

Here is how you can lessen the inconvenience:

Applying Dental Wax

It is a safe solution for pain in your mouth. Apply it on affected areas carefully to avoid causing more damage. You can opt to apply it to the areas the aligners have direct contact with the gum.

It will act as an immediate barrier to protect the gums from being cut by the aligners. You might want to replace the wax regularly because you will have trouble eating with it on.

You Can Have The Edges Smoothened

After installation, you might realize that they have edges that cause cuts on your gums. You can talk to your dentist about the smoothing option. It is where the sharp edges are reduced or smoothened.

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Use Medication

Teeth aligners can cause cuts and pain to areas like the gum and cheeks. The pain can last up to 12 hours and can be unbearable. Dentists recommend the use of pain suppressants like aspirin to ease the discomfort. It is advisable that you first consult your dentist before going the medications route.

Using Cold Compresses

It is a smart way to ease the pain on the gums, but you should not use it for too long. Twenty-five minutes is recommended to prevent skin damage. The use of ice to control pain is recommended for many situations.

Do Not Eat Hard Foods

Dentists recommend soft foods on the first few days of using aligners. Stay away from raw carrots and other hard foods; they will only cause you more pain. The discomfort on the gums is already unbearable- why add to it?

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Use Ointments If Need Be

Ointments with benzocaine as an ingredient will come in handy when dealing with discomfort in the mouth. It will numb the painful area in no time- you might not feel a thing anymore. The good thing about it is that it can be used as a bandage inside the mouth due to its ability to stick on gums and mucosa.

You Can Opt To Wear The Next Set Of Aligners At Night

When using aligners, getting used to a new set is always hard. It cannot be avoided since they are changed every two weeks.

You can wear the new ones before bedtime to ease the pain, so the gums adjust before morning. Getting the oral tissue accustomed to the new aligners will require patience.

Dental Chewies

These chewable rubber products are recommended by dentists for use together with aligners. Use them several times a day to help the aligners slide in just right. They should be used with caution to avoid damaging the aligners.

Tips When Using Aligners

Use A Proper Removal Tool- At one point in each day, you will have to remove your aligner, to eat or brush your teeth. The first idea that will come to your mind will be to use nails. It becomes a problem when they are too short, or you recently had them polished.

Long nails are no good either since they can easily cut your lips in the process. To protect your lips and keep your nails in shape, get a decent removal tool.

When Eating, Soak The Aligners- The aligners spend the better part of the day in your mouth except when eating and brushing your teeth. They might get stained from the many hours inside your mouth.

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When you remove them for eating, you are advised to soak them in a dentist-approved solution. When you put them back on, the aligners will be both stainless and odorless.

Put In Place A Reminder To Wear The Aligners After Meals- When eating in the middle of the day, the probability of forgetting to put your aligners back on is high. You should use them for at least 20 hours a day to improve effectiveness. A reminder will help you adhere to this rule.

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How much is Invisalign can be a question most people interested in aligning their teeth might be thinking. Aligners are one of the best options for teeth realignment. However, like every tool out there, they cause some bit of discomfort.

Most patients complain of cuts from the aligners, but there are several measures you can take to reduce the side effects of using aligners. You can use waxes, medications, and other dentist-recommended techniques.

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