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Iflix is a video on demand service created by Mark Britt and Patrick Grove. They saw a growing middle class population in emerging markets and recognized the need for entertainment content. They developed a solution that addressed common issues in these markets, including high costs of mobile data, inconsistent infrastructure, low paid television penetration, and limited knowledge of online payment methods. With more than 12 million subscribers, the service is rapidly growing. Whether you’re in China, India, or Pakistan, you can find a wide variety of content on iflix.

Iflix partners with local internet and telecom companies to bring its service to people in developing countries. They also partner with content providers and studios, allowing them to piggyback on existing payment systems. The service is available in a number of countries, including the Middle East and Africa, through a joint venture with Zain. Despite its high profile, however, iflix is still a relatively new service. In addition to its local content, it supports a large number of languages and is expected to launch around mid-2015.

Iflix is a relatively new company. The company is being funded by the Catcha group and the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. In April 2015, they raised $30M from investors. In April 2016, they received a further $45 million from Sky PLC. The service has also attracted Hollywood celebrities and Thai locals to subscribe to it. But, while the launch of iflix has not been announced yet, there is plenty of buzz surrounding it.