How To Style Women’s Dresses For Every Occasion

What do you do when you have an event but aren’t satisfied with the dress in your closet? Well, you beautify!

Womens dresses are an item of versatile clothing. They can be layered, accessorised, and experimented with to form a dozen new outfits. Every dress can be a top and skirt if you want it to be.

But, how do you style a dress?

In-Tune with the Colour Palette

It’s all about working the colour palette when it comes to styling a dress. If you have a brown and white dress, work within those colours. Choose a white bag, brown eyeshadows, white and brown shoes, and so on.

Augment as per the tone – if you have cooler tones in your dress, go for silver jewellery. When it comes to dressing up, it’s all about the colours you pair together. If you’re unsure what to go with, pull up a colour wheel and get spinning!

Dressing Down

If you’re going out but need to look dressed down, then there’s an easy way to do it. Layer a t-shirt underneath a strappy dress, and you’ll instantly look more casual but put together.

While choosing a t-shirt, choose according to the colours of the dress. If you have a patterned dress, match the t-shirt to a colour of the pattern. If the dress is a solid colour, go for a contrasting t-shirt!

Dressing Up

When you like to dress it up, then pick out a panelled, fancy top from your closet in the same colour palette. Layer it on top of the dress so that the bottom half acts as a skirt. Paired with some earrings, heels, and the right bag – you’ll be dressed for a night out on the town!

Layering Woes

Layering isn’t easy, especially with dresses. But that doesn’t mean you give up. You can layer tops, pants, skirts, sweaters, jumpers, anything on a dress as long as it goes with the colour palette.

  • When layering pants, fold the dress slightly to prevent it from bunching.
  • When layering a skirt, use a thick fabric and make sure the skirt goes below the length of the dress.
  • You can go cropped for a more hipster aesthetic when layering a sweater!

Denim For Life

If none of these suggestions stood out to you, then the quickest way to style a dress would be to throw an oversized denim jacket on top! The denim jacket will keep you warm while also looking stylishly dressed down. Beware, this trick only works on certain colours, so be sure to match your palettes!


Everything from your bag to your hair clips styles your hair. There are some simple ways to ensure that your dress is brought out by the accessories you use!

  • Don’t be scared to contrast the dress with barrettes in your hair.
  • If you’re not comfortable in heels, opt for a pair of sneakers or platform shoes.
  • Your shoes can contrast your dress and look great when paired with the same coloured bag.
  • The rubber bands you use in your hair make the look. Use a fancier hairband as an accessory on its own!
  • Earmuffs and mittens can make excellent accessory pieces, depending on the weather!

Wrapping Up

Enhancing in a dress isn’t as appalling as it seems. Experiment with different layers, accessories, hairstyles, and more. Each time you experiment, you’ll learn something new. With a few accessories, some tweaking, and little experimentation, Womens dresses become grand new outfits for every occasion!

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