How to Set the Stage for your Business Event

If you’re a business owner then you’re well aware of the effort that goes into running a successful company. From the products to the hiring to the marketing, there’s just no stopping when it comes to achieving business wins, but there’s one particular area that often calls for attention: business events. 

Business events can often make or break a company’s performance, particularly if the event is open to the public. Ranging from pop-ups at special locations to full-blown themed festivals to member retreats, business events are versatile in the way that they operate.

And of course, these can also be exclusive events, being limited to company colleagues and focused on refinement training or leisure off-sites. Either way, to make your business event a success, you’re going to need some serious marketing – especially if it’s one of the former.

And if marketing isn’t up your alley, then you’re at the right place! Learn how to promote your business event online in a few easy steps with my most trusted strategies that have shown solid results over the years:

Brand Yourself!

When it comes to promotion and advertising, one thing that always stands the test of time is customer loyalty. And what better way to nourish customer loyalty than by developing a brand identity for your business event, connecting it with the business’ own image, and as a result linking it to all the things that customers love about your company!

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And while developing a branding strategy may seem daunting, getting started is actually pretty simple. Stick to company colors, craft a tagline from the business slogan, and adapt visuals according to organization aesthetics. And of course, in all communication, echo the values and beliefs that the company tries to perpetuate in its products, services, and dealings, making it apparent that the business event is in fact an extension of the business itself. 

Whether you choose to market online or offline – although my recommendation for a business event is always online marketing – sticking to this creation of brand identity will not only attract your current customer base but also captivate new potential customers, helping your event – and business – thrive!

Flyer It Up!

Do you remember designing flyers in school for bake sales, annual plays, and competitions? And do you remember looking at similar flyers pasted on school noticeboards, signing up for various activities because they caught your eye? Well, think about how successful a well-thought-out and designed flyer would be if one designed in ten minutes – tops – generated such excitement?

And no, before you say flyers are just for kids, let’s rethink. You might not notice it, but flyers are an everyday part of your life: from leaflets at the cosmetics store to a discount announcement, flyers are here to stay, and it’s time you made them digital and used them to promote your business event!

Choose from one of PosterMyWall’s templates for small business flyers, using the range of options to your advantage and picking ones that go perfectly with your business look. And the best part? Since flyers are oh-so-easy to design with PosterMyWall, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on the other aspects of your event – and plenty of budget left over too since PosterMyWall flyers are extremely small business budget-friendly!

So, circulate your flyers on social media and through email marketing and see as the buzz around your business event increases!

Calling all Influencers!

Today’s society is ruled by aesthetics and perceptions, and while this may not sit well with you, you can certainly use it to your advantage. To really create some hype around your business event, consider collaborating with trending influencers, using their platforms and massive follower counts to promote your event.

The key here is in the influencer selection – of course, you need to pick an influencer that sits within your budget and with whom you’re able to draft agreeable terms of partnership, but it’s also of the essence to see if your influencer fits your target market. 

Once you’ve made your pick, you can offer special discounts or extras for attendees that sign up for the event using an influencer-generated code or even invite the influencer to speak at your event, given they make a good fit. 

So, if you’ve got a business event coming up then these tips and tricks should be your go-to. Put them in a diary, read them like a mantra – they’ll be your save all when you’re in the throes of event organization!

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