How To Sell The Idea Of Cloud Hosting For Your Non-Tech-Savvy Boss?

As much as you love your non-tech-savvy boss, and as well-intentioned as they may be, it can be frustrating when they are too set in their ways and are otherwise unwilling to embrace new technologies.

For example, what can you do when your boss is unwilling to accept cloud hosting as the new normal? How can you convince them of the immense benefits that come with it, and just how much more convenient things can be for everyone involved?

In this article, we’ll share some tips on getting your point famousbiography across.

Prepare a presentation or speech

Take your time to gather all of the information you need to get your point across. Make a list of all the pros and cons, highlight the potential threats, and prepare some worst-case scenarios. What happens to the business if your data is compromised?

Try to keep technical terminology to a minimum. You can do so with the following tactics…

Use analogy

There are many different analogies you can use to describe cloud computing to someone who struggles to wrap their head around the idea. Here’s a good one:

  • All of your critical business information and data are the Crown Jewels. Only, rather than keeping the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, they’re on your office hard drive and in your filing cabinets with minimal security.
  • With cloud hosting, you take your Crown Jewels and you tuck them away in a remote and secure location.
  • This secure location has infinitely superior physical security than your office. Imagine a castle with ramparts manned by archers with flaming arrows and a locked drawbridge over a moat of lava.
  • Digital security is also infinitely superior, with hundreds (and in some cases) thousands of highly trained software engineers and security experts (aka Royal Guards) who are armed to the teeth and ready to repel any threat.

Use real numbers

Use real numbers to put a little fear into them. For example, cybercrime is estimated to cost the Australian economy $42-billion each year! When you use real numbers and back it up with official, government-recognised websites, it’s very hard to ignore.

Talk about insurance

Your boss presumably has business insurance and it’s even more likely that your office is insured as well. So, talk about that; the fact that your boss has insured their business’s physical premises means that they are open to the very real and devastating potential of a fire, or an earthquake, or a break-in, or any other disaster that would negatively impact their day to day.

Why then, are they risking their entire business by keeping all of that data and critical business information in the very same building they’ve insured against disaster?

Yes, you’ll get some money back – but it doesn’t include data recovery. Very few businesses will recover from that.

Final thoughts

The simple fact of the matter is; your business is NOT impervious to attack. It is time for your non-tech-savvy boss to get on board and strongly consider switching to cloud hosting in Australia. There’s never been a better time than right now.

If you keep technical terminology to a minimum, use analogy, rely on real government-backed numbers, and talk about insurance, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all convincing them to transition to cloud hosting and computing!

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