How To Incorporate Bonuses and Giveaways Into Your Marketing Strategy

Giveaway marketing is a great way to boost your current marketing strategy. It adds a little something for your customers and it can provide plenty for your business too. Although you’ll have to giveaway something in order for any bonus or giveaway to work, what you receive back can far outstrip that prize in value. We’ll explain how to make sure you’re always offering competitive bonuses, or creating giveaways with the potential for virality. So, if you want maximum results from this marketing niche then look no further.

Outline Your Goals

Anyone who knows anything about marketing will say that having concrete measurable goals is key to developing a marketing strategy that works. Organizing a giveaway or bonus for your customers is no exception. The most common wants for a giveaway are to direct more traffic to either your website or your social channels, gain followers or new customers, or showcase a new product. Decide which of these you want to achieve, it could be a combination of a couple of them and write down how you’re going to measure it. Google analytics for your website is a great tool for seeing how many people actually click through your sales channels, whilst likes, comments and shares on Instagram and Facebook are also useful for measuring social media interaction.

Choose a Relevant Prize

Once you’ve decided on the outcome you would like, the first step of any bonus or giveaway is to choose a prize that is relevant. If you’re a company that provides sports nutrition then a chocolate hamper isn’t going to make sense to your customers. Not only this, it will undermine the brand that you’ve worked so hard to create and you aren’t using the opportunity to show off your star products. It is essential to offer a prize or bonus that makes sense with your brand. For example, Maximuscle pride themselves as being the UK’s first sports nutrition brand and everything on all of their channels gels with that idea. They hold regular giveaways on social media in which they giveaway hampers that are put together based on a nutritionist’s recommendations for the prize winner. This shows their expertise in sports, as well as the range of products that they have on offer. You might not need to take such a tailored approach to your giveaway, but making sure that your prize aligns strongly with your business is essential. This will help to ensure your brand image is strengthened and that you’re attracting potential customers to your giveaway, rather than just some people who want a free gift.

Boost Your SEO Simultaneously

Bonuses and giveaways can generate a lot of attention and if you pick the right prize then you could really reap the rewards. As well as gaining more followers, or getting more clicks to your website or mailing list signup, you might also find your business being featured elsewhere. You see, another benefit to incorporating bonuses is that you might benefit from a few backlinks at the same time. There are certain industries where this is more prevalent than others, with the gaming sector being one where it is particularly so. Gaming review sites like Vegas Slots Online compile impartial and professional reviews of various online casinos, basing their ranking on the variety of games available, the deposit methods that people can choose, and in particular which sites offer the best bonuses. It’s not only the gaming industry though, particularly generous offers can attract attention from local newspapers and if you operate within a smaller niche then you could gain some publicity there too. Make sure in any publicity that you ask them to include a link to your website, not just so that people will click it, but also so that it improves your search engine ranking.

Team Up For Bigger Results

Working as a team has so many benefits in business and it happens to be super effective with giveaways too. Although you probably don’t want to team up with a direct competitor, finding an influencer in your sector, or a complimentary brand. This can also help your SEO too, something that can’t be overstated as we at E-Media News know all too well. The company or influencer that you team up with will share your marketing materials on their page, exposing your brand to a whole new customer base. As well as this, if you’re working with a fellow business then they might be willing to share the cost of the giveaway, making this idea a win for everyone.

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