How can you clean your roof tiles?

Having a dirty roof can bring with itself many problems that you will have to face eventually. People who do not clean their roofs regularly tend to get in a lot of trouble. How? It is simple, an unclean roof can have moisture related issues. Overtime, the moss, dirt, and algae can mix together and form some kind of a plague that starts to form an eco-system on the roof. This can bring a lot of insects after a while if it is not cleaned thoroughly. Other than that, these elements when they come together can stress the roof out and start to break the tiles or any other material that was used to create the roofs. When the roof is not cleaned, the moss can start to mix a lot of moisture with it which can make the roof heavier and with a heavy roof, you have a high risk of it falling. Therefore, this is a good reason why you should get a roof cleaned.

Before we get to the “How to clean your roof?” part, we have to first understand why does one need to clean their roof in the first place? The first reason was that the roof can have a mixture of elements that can bring with them a lot of additional problems. The second thing that can happen is that overheating can occur. Algae, dirt, and moss can all build together and cover the entire roof with another layer of dirt. This can make the house hotter and when you have a hot house, you will be using a lot of air conditioner to cool yourself down. What this will do is that it will increase the energy bills considerably.

The third thing that can happen when you do not clean your roof is that your gutters can be blocked. When you have blocked gutters, your dirt, algae, and moss won’t have anywhere else to go but to get built up on the roof and make your roof even hotter, dirtier, and more likely to fall.

So, what does one do to prevent all of this?

You just have to clean your roof and here is how you can do it.

Use a pressured water.

Although this is not recommended at all, there are many disputes regarding it. Pressured water can take away the natural composition of granules and it can decrease the lifespan of the roof as well. There can even be a chance that the already weakened areas of the roof can break due to the high water pressure. It can clean the roof, but not thoroughly, especially a roof that already has a lot of dirt built up on it, it might be good for newly installed roofs, but not dirty ones.

Use a trowel or a brush.

Another way you can clean your roof is by simply using a trowel or any other hard brush. You can gently scrape away the algae, moss, and dirt by using your trowel or brush. This has to be done on a hot day so that no algae can stick to the roof as on a windy or wet day, the algae can have moisture and it can stick strongly on the tiles or the roof.

Use chemicals.

Using moss killing chemicals as well as algae killing chemicals can help you clean your roof easily. Although this can be hard, but this is a good way to get rid of all the greenery on top of the roof.

If you are not able to clean your roof all by yourself, you can just invest in a professional roofing company and let them do this job for you. Although, roofing companies do tell their clients to clean their roof themselves as it can help the home owners regularly see their roof and check if it needs maintenance. So, if you want a professional roofing company to clean it for you, then browse this site.

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