Guide To Making Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow you to upload pictures and videos with various effects on the platform. These stories help create a carousel of pictures and videos or both, available on your profile for 24 hours. Instagram stories are used to place the best content of your profile looking at popularity they have gained. It has been found that maximum users for any profile watch stories more compared to the other media on Instagram. This is enough to gauge the vitality of stories on Instagram. Posting regularly on Instagram stories with the right strategy helps your profile populate and find more interested viewers. Strategies can be found through online tools like one of the best tool is StoriesIG. This tool can help you make stories more attractive.  This blog details how to create Instagram stories with effective measures to scale your growth uphill.

How to make Instagram stories?

In order to create Instagram stories, launch Instagram app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the ‘+’ button on the top right corner of your screen where your feed lye’s. It reveals the story’s camera to you.
  2. Now click a picture or record a video by long pressing the record button.
  3. Slide in line with the record button to try exciting filters. Once recorded click next.
  4. Instagram takes you to the editing page where you can add text, stickers and even monitor speed for your story.
  5. Use tag stickers to tag people or geo stickers to add location.
  6. Once you are satisfied with how your story looks, click ‘next’.
  7. Now choose whether you want to share the story to all your followers or close friends or even to a single person and click done. You have successfully uploaded your story.

Tips to make the best Instagram stories:

  1.     Be creative: Creativity is the key to any successful story. No one likes to view those repeated pictures until you have done something to provide it a whole new look. Like covering your whole picture with colour and then swathing certain parts to reveal bits of the pictures. You can even layer two pictures. Use your creativity to elevate the display of your story effectively.
  2.     Use boomerang and other video features: Have you seen those motions on repeat in a video? Yes, that’s a boomerang. It runs your video in a loop creating a repeat effect. Use a boomerang feature or put your videos in repeat or slow motion to create effects that help your story become more interesting.
  3.     Add stickers and story captions sticker: Use stickers to add emotions and spice to your stories. Now one thing that helps you create the best story is story caption stickers. This sticker adds subtitles for your video that helps your story look better. It even helps people with foreign languages confer information.
  4.     Use shopping or donation stickers: If you are someone promoting your business on Instagram these shopping stickers would work wonders for you. Add these shop stickers to your stories with some of your products listed in them for your user to browse. Users can effectively browse through the products and reach back at you. You can even add donation stickers if you are promoting a social cause. The sticker comes along with a link to pay an amount as a donation.