Generate sales with these October restaurant marketing ideas

October is just around the corner. You might be looking for ideas on increasing customer traffic with restaurant trends and marketing strategies.

Make your restaurant marketing id

eas unique to catch the attention of your target customers. Ditch the Halloween concept and create a new one that will entice and attract your customers. You can make restaurant promotions for International Coffee Day, Taco Day, World Champagne Day, and others.

While doing so, employ a QR code menu software in streamlining your services to customers. You can also use the QR code menu software to send out newsletters and email notifications to your target patrons.

Are you still looking for some fun-filled activities you can do for October? Read more to know more!

October Holidays

October is filled with fun holidays for your restaurant to use. Curate some fantastic ideas that can entice and engage with your customers. Promote these in your menu QR code and online ordering page.

International Coffee Day

Serve up the best coffee brews in-store during International Coffee Day. Send out an email notification to your target customers and inform them about the vouchers and discounts in your restaurant.

Invite your guests to buy a coffee beverage at a lower price. Also, give them free refills of brewed coffee. Make your customers comfortable with an atmosphere of aromatic coffee.

Vodka Day

Give a free one-shot of vodka to every customer dining in your restaurant after work hours. Ease the tension and pressure of work of your customers and offer them some vodka cocktails at a lower price.

Marketing tactics like freebies and discounted prices can lure customers into staying longer and ordering more inside your restaurant: more customer traffic, more sales for you.

Taco Day

It’s Taco Tuesday! Invite your customers to dine in your restaurant and let them indulge in a taco-tastic afternoon. Serve up some different types of tacos available in your interactive QR code menu ranging from vegetarian tacos to carnivorous tacos.

World Food Day

Celebrate World Food Day in your restaurant and offer different cuisines in a buffet. Promote this restaurant idea on your website and social media accounts and invite customers to join.

Since it is about World Food Day, make this holiday a charity event and donate the proceeds to some charity organizations. Include this concept in your promotions so that customers can leave large tips for your restaurant and the charity.

Sourest Day

During Sourest Day, encourage your patrons to taste some sour items in your establishment. Use your social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook to spread the word about this particular festival and to offer them to taste some sour meals and drinks.

You can substitute sour drinks like limeade, buttermilk, or lemon iced tea for some common ones. Include some sour food entrees in your interactive menu and some sour fruits on your buffet table.

How to promote October Holidays

A QR code menu software has different features that help run a restaurant business. These features include collecting customer contact information for email marketing campaigns and survey feedback forms.

Send out some newsletters and email notifications to your target customers about your October festivities. Here are some ideas you can do in your email campaigns.

Give discount vouchers

Use the best QR code generator to generate discount QR codes for your newsletters—Curate an inviting and exciting email blast about your October holidays in your restaurant.

For instance, you can invite your coffee lover customers and give them discounted vouchers for every coffee beverage available in your restaurant.

Try giving your customers discount vouchers to lure them into dining in your restaurant for October.

Send out promotional banners

To make sure that every patron is informed of your promotions, send out some promotional banners through email.

Make creative promotional banners that can surely entice the appetites of your customers. Use a suitable color scheme for your promotional banner, depending on what holiday. For instance, use shades of brown for your International Coffee Day banner since this is the color of coffee beans.

Final thoughts

Enjoy the fun-filled activities of October with some restaurant marketing ideas that can attract customers.

These themed days are great ways to draw in some extra revenue, but it doesn’t do anything if no one knows about it. Promotional events need to be posted on your social media accounts! For tips on social media marketing for your restaurant, check out the infographic below!

Infographic created by Clover, a restaurant POS system company

Use a QR code menu software to help raise the bar high in catering to customers.

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