Full-time Maid vs Part-time Maid

A lot of Singaporean families hire domestic helpers to ease the load on their shoulders such as doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning. When there isn’t enough help available in Singapore, some will go overseas to find a full-time maid

The work of a maid is tedious and time-consuming. Home cleaning requires intensive work on furniture, windows, carpeted floors, and the like. Maids are paid to clean your home, however; hiring one full-time can be costly for most people.

A full-time maid is one who works 5 days a week till late at night or even midnight. While part-timers maid only 1 – 3 days a week but more hours than full-timers. part-timers can get S$450 per month while the full-timer rate varies from $650 to $850. 

The more experience and better English skills you have, your pay package would be higher. There are agencies that offer S$500 for new maids with good experience working documents such as STP and I-pass.

Part-time maids, or part-timers as they are popularly known, provide similar services as full-timers without staying in your house permanently and also come at a cheaper price. However, if you want to hire a maid but cannot afford her service on a full-time basis, you might consider hiring part-timers who will perform their duties well.

The importance of hiring part-timers has been recognized by many homeowners who have realized that this type of arrangement works well for them. For instance, you can hire a part-time maid to clean your home on weekends. By doing this, you will not need to spend every weekend cleaning the house since she is willing to work for only two days a week at an affordable price.

The downside to hiring part-time cleaning services is that they are harder to manage as their working hours are unstable and it is hard to find someone willing to work the limited days you have. So, despite being cheaper, full-time seem more ideal because of their reliability, fewer scheduling conflicts, and better dependability during special occasions such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, etc. Customers also find it inconvenient having to wait till 9 – 11 am for the maid’s schedules so they prefer ones who come by morning instead.

Full-time maids are cheaper because employers have no additional costs such as CPF contributions, medical leave, etc. but there are downsides too which include the employer’s responsibility in paying for Maid Insurance, levy, return air ticket, etc. which total up to $1500 -$2000.

full-timers also get more time off and annual leave but part-timers get one day off a week and three days of national leave a year (after working for 1 year). Maids often come with their own families. Once hired by an employer, the whole family can work together in Singapore till their contract is over and go back home after that. But it is not advisable for families with young children because schools are expensive here.

A few part time maid agencies are now offering part-time maids who only have school-going children so they won’t cause any inconvenience to employers. part-time maids are called “newspaper ladies” as some come and go within months. 

So, part-timers are just as reliable as full-time maids if not more dependable but they cost employers more than half the price of a full-timer. On average, they would only pay $30 – $39 for an hour’s work which is what employers usually spend on breakfast or lunch for themselves.

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Hiring foreign domestic helpers in Singapore will help you ease your hectic daily schedule by doing household chores such as cooking, ironing clothes, and taking care of children. If looking for a maid online, it can be overwhelming to sieve through each person’s profile carefully to find someone suitable. 

One way is to look at her working documentation such as STP and I-pass which you can get from the Internet. Maid agencies will often provide this for their clients so check if they have it before applying.

Part-timers can be a good solution when full-time maids are too costly or even not in your budget. You should also consider hiring them especially when you need a professional person for a short period of time and you cannot afford to pay their weekly salary on monthly basis.

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