Five Must-know Benefits of Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Cookware makes a significant segment of kitchen essentials and, picking the right ones lets you enjoy multiple benefits from quick-cooking to saving electricity. Also, choosing the right cookware reflects healthy cooking- pans and pots must have healthful attributes. Other features to consider include durability, appeal, price and non-interference with food. Well, if you have experienced an acidic taste infused in your food, it might be because of some cheap cookware you just used. Stainless steel cookware has been the traditional choice for most home cooks, and, surprisingly, nothing has changed about people preferring it.

Why choose stainless steel in kitchenware?

To begin, stainless steel kitchenware is aesthetic and maintains a glossy appearance throughout the year. When cared for, this cookware can last longer without looking worn out. Also, if you have been using aluminium cookware all these years, it’s high time you switch to stainless steel. A reason? Aluminium pans or cookers tend to dissolve their Aluminium content into the food while cooking for a prolonged time. Also,  Aluminium in food is toxic. On the flip side, stainless steel is less porous and does not seep into food. Neither does it contain baneful compounds like PFOA. Check out this list of other prime benefits you will enjoy from cooking on stainless steel ware,

1. Go easy with cleaning

Doing the dishes post-cooking is one arduous task that can turn exhausting during sweaty noons. Aluminium or copper pans can get too sticky as they are porous. However, stainless steel pans are easier to clean with simple scrubbing since they are non-porous, sturdy and hard-surfaced. Also, stainless steel wares do not rust or peel off like cast iron, making maintenance expensive and daunting.

There isn’t anything special that you have to do to keep your cookware appealing. No more seasoning or extra coatings over pans now. Soaking stainless steel wares in hot water and gently scrubbing them can get you the best results. They can also directly go into dishwashers without any fuss.

2. Zero taste interference

Unlike iron or aluminium that reacts with the food, stainless steel goes reaction-free on all types of food- acidic or alkaline. Be it sour cream, burritos or tomato purees, you can get them all cooked without the infusion of a metallic taste. As a result, there is no alteration in the taste or wholesome value of your food.

3. They are versatile

If you have decided that it’s stainless steel for all of your kitchenware, you can undoubtedly get all of them. Unlike other metals, stainless steel is a traditional choice yet contemporary in looks and versatility. From saucepans to grilling baskets and cake rings, there isn’t something that you wouldn’t find in the stainless steel section.

4. They are ideal for all temperature cooking!

Not every cooking procedure requires the same temperature. Some steps like roasting demand high temperature and dry heat to brew the flavour the right way. Also, most researchers say, such cooking methods are healthier. Unfortunately, not all types of cookware can fit into high-temperature cooking. However, if you are more into healthy eating and want cookware that can sustain heat during sauteing and searing, there isn’t a better choice than stainless steel.

5. What’s better than an affordable choice?

The health benefits of stainless steel kitchenware are infinite. Alongside, they leave a mirror finish, looking dashingly modern and are durable. Above all, you get to enjoy all these perks at an affordable price. Stainless steel cookware may not be the cheapest alternative but are surely pocket-friendly and valued for their features.

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