Everything you must know about towing your vehicle!

Are you looking for a user-friendly solution to move your heavy load vehicles when stuck amidst a traffic area in Brisbane? Are you worried about recovering your disabled vehicle from a sticky-tricky situation? Then, keep your worries aside and know more about tow trucks in Brisbane. Tow-trucks are heavy built-in vehicles used to shift repaired vehicles or heavy loads from one place to another. It is a kind of vehicle retriever that combines two or more towing mechanisms to confiscate heavy loads. Tow truck in Brisbane are of great demand as vehicle breakdown can occur in areas such as mid of a road, during the parked condition, or suddenly in a moving state. In such an awkward situation in an occupied Brisbane area, professional tow truck hiring comes to the great rescue to move our heavy load vehicles.

Things to consider before hiring a tow-truck service:

Types of tow trucks:

  1. Flat-bed tow trucks
  2. Integrated tow trucks
  3. Boom trucks
  4. Hook and chain tow trucks

Flat-bed tow trucks are the most commonly used ones consisting of a bed that moves upwards and downwards by a hydraulic force carrying the damaged car or any other vehicles securely from one place to another. Integrated tow trucks use two combined technologies, wheel lift and boom integrated into one truck with axles and arms for extra strength. It is a dual-purpose truck used for both safe vehicle recovery & towing. Boom refers to arm as boom trucks use a hydraulic adjustable arm to lift heavy load cars or vehicles for safe recovery. Hook and chain tow trucks are the oldest type of trucks in which a chain gets attached to the recovery vehicle with the help of a hook.

However, each type has its unique purpose, and it is advisable to rely on professional tow-trucking services in Brisbane, which facilitate their customers according to their needs. Professional tow truck drivers are more aware, and they ensure to provide a safe towing experience.

Safe & User-friendly:

It is also important to rely on reputed towing service professionals with a demonstrated history of providing first-class, safe recovery, super-fast & friendly services to their customers. Also, ensure they meet quality parameters and certifications that fit with the equipment & technologies.

Cheap and trustable:

Tow truck services may not only be efficient and friendly, but we also need to look for the cheap & best quality service providers who offer 24/7 tow truck in Brisbane, without any dents or scratches in the vehicles to be recovered.

Brisbane laws:

Additionally, it is good to be aware of the laws in Brisbane, which define charges for towing services so that we can prevent ourselves from being overcharged when relying on a towing service. Towing charges vary according to the distance covered in Brisbane, ranging from 15 km to 50 km. However, when the distance exceeds 200 km, the price is fixed hourly to keep the cost down. If you guess your vehicle had towed, contact Brisbane City Council or Queensland Police for further proceedings. 

Types of services:

Towing services are available for accidents or insurance towing, breakdown towing, heavy size machine recovery, oversize or shipping container towing, improperly parked vehicles, and so on. 

To experience a hassle-free professional tow truck service in Brisbane, analyze which type of towing service is best suitable for you according to your requirement and cost fits into your budget.