Decorate Your Home By Finding The TV Stand

Over the years, TVs have gotten lighter and thinner, but we’re not sure “smaller” is the right word. Television is still an important part of many family rooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms, and bedrooms. The right stand is an integral part of aligning your TV in a room-serving location both when it is on and when it is off. Aosom’s large selection of furniture will provide you with many great options for placing your TV in both houses and will help make your room look its best as well as save your wall from wall mount damage. This guide will get you started with some tips and tricks on what to look for in a stand, also called a TV console, and how to place it in almost any room.

How big is your TV?

A good place to start is by measuring your television. Consider three measurements: the height, the width, and the diagonal across the screen. When you are shopping for a TV stand and you see a dimension that says, “Fits up to 42” TV, 42 “is the diagonal measurement of your screen.

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Organize your room

Once you’ve determined the size of your stand, you can select a space in the room that will accommodate your corner fireplace TV stand. Think about the light sources both in the room and on the windows. Placing your television in front of a window is generally a bad idea. The same goes for placing it in front of any large light source and it will make the screen more difficult to see. Another aspect that can affect where you choose to place your stand is whether you plan to run cables to speakers or other devices in other areas of the room. If so, consider a location that makes installing your cables more convenient. Many of Aosom’s mounts have cable routing as a design aspect, making cable management much easier. If you plan to have a lot of components with your TV, make sure you have plenty of storage space and a unit that can also accommodate the wiring.

Placement of the sofa and chair

A good rule of thumb is that the larger your TV screen, the further away the seating arrangement should be. When it comes to the height of the television, ideally the center of the television should be at eye level when you are sitting on your sofa or chair.

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Is your TV on the wall?

Well, it could greatly benefit from a TV stand under it. It will provide a great place to store your blu ray player, streaming device, audio receiver, and game console. Placing a bracket under your wall-mounted television can be a great solution for organizing and keeping all your audio-video equipment, gaming consoles, and golf simulators in place.

Types and styles of TV stands.

We select a variety of styles to fit your existing décor or to align with your future plans. Find the contemporary, modern, mid-century, industrial, glamorous and elegant styles that you are looking for. For smaller TVs and a great way to use space, check out corner units. We also have a variety of storage options with shelving units and glass storage doors to keep contents safe and dust-free. Good luck and happy shopping!

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