Cricket In India: Reasons Behind Indians Love For The Sport

One of the most popular activities for Indians is watching cricket. The sport is played by millions and has thousands of families glued to their T.V sets during cricket matches. The craziness of Indian cricket fans is observed in the street, where some fans walk around with their faces painted, some get tattoos of their favorite players, and others perform religious rituals before the commencement of the match to support their team. People show their love and excitement in their ways. It is interesting to understand how this English sport gained such massive popularity. Some of the reasons behind the love of Indians for cricket are as follows:

  1. Colonization- Most of us know that the British tried to impose their culture and traditions on us during colonization. There were teachings about western sports like cricket in schools across the country. Soon cricket became a popular sport in the nation with various local teams. It was regarded as the sport of the elite and only began to include people from all caste, creeds, races, and statuses in the later course of time. It was considered a catalyst of diluting the deep root discrimination and social boundaries of early Indian society.
  2. Diversification- Cricket poses an excellent opportunity to socialize with people from different caste, creeds, and socio-economic backgrounds. India has produced some of the most iconic players in the world of sports who hailed from humble backgrounds and honed their skills by playing in the street.
  3. Best Cricket Players- India has some of the best cricket players who have successfully broken all records. Cricketers like Kapil Dev, Ravi Shashtri, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni, and others have broken several Test & ODI records. This motivated the young generation to develop their skills and contribute to international cricket with their talents.
  4. New Formats- In the rapid digitalization where most products and services are available at the tap of the fingers, it gets boring to watch hours-long matches. After keeping in mind the audience’s behavior, many small formats like T20 are introduced, which are exhilarating and gripping to watch. However, some fans love the long sports format as it provides them with an entire day to enjoy their favorite match and the long form of the match sets it apart from the other sports.
  5. Sharing love with family and friends- People tend to bond on a common interest, that is, cricket. Cricket is one of those sports that bring hearts together. Unfortunately, India and Pakistan do not have an amicable relationship. However, cricket gives them an exciting topic to bond over. There is a profound thrill in the air during the match between the two neighbors. Similarly, platforms like fantasy cricket also help cricket fans prove their skills to their friends and family which only adds to the excitement of watching a match.
  6. Involvement of Entertainment- The involvement of Bollywood, glamour, loud pop music is also a contributing factor behind the popularity of cricket. The introduction of IPL has also impacted the vast fandom of the sport. The spectrum of local and international players in a tournament added to the appeal ad excitement of the sport. Moreover, the introduction of fantasy cricket raised the bar by allowing the audience to participate in the matches actively.

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