Choosing the Best Die Cut Label Shapes for Your Product

Are you looking for a way to make your product stand out from the competition? Are you tired of using dull, generic labels? If so, then die cut labels are just what you need! Die cut labels come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize and differentiate your products. With the right label shape, your product will turn heads. So let’s look at how choosing the perfect die cut label can help give your product an edge over the rest!

What is a die cut label 

A die cut label is a printed label that has been expertly cut into custom shapes and sizes. Die cutting involves using a steel-rule die, a tool with razor-sharp blades that can be used to precisely cut paper, card stock, and other materials into virtually any imaginable shape. This makes it possible to create labels in unique designs such as circles, squares, ovals, or even intricate designs like stars or hearts. With the help of die-cutting technology, you can take your product branding to the next level by creating eye-catching labels that will surely get noticed!

Shape options 

Die-cutting opens a whole world of possibilities. Let’s take a look at them


When it comes to making product labels, custom shapes are a great way to make your product stand out from the crowd. With custom label shapes, you can create unique designs that perfectly match your branding and packaging. Whether you want a label in the shape of an animal, logo, or something completely abstract, having a custom-shaped die cut is the perfect way to add extra flair and personality to your products. Plus, even complex shapes can be produced quickly and affordably with modern digital printing technology.


Round professional labels are a classic choice for products that need to make an impact. Commonly used in packaging and shipping applications, round die cuts can be used to label jars, bottles, and other cylindrical containers. Round labels also work well for promotional materials such as stickers or magnets, as they’re easy to peel off and stick on various surfaces.


If you’re looking for a classic label shape, square labels are the perfect choice. Square labels are versatile and can be used on any product or package. They can also be used as promotional materials, such as stickers or magnets, creating a creative way to get your message out there.


Oval die cuts are an excellent choice for labels and promotional materials that need to stand out from the crowd. They provide a more unique shape than traditional rectangular or square labels, making them perfect for products that require an extra eye-catching appeal. Whether you’re labeling jars, bottles, cans, boxes, or any other product type, oval die cut labels can help make your brand look professional and polished.

No matter what type of product you’re creating, die cut labels are a great way to elevate your packaging and branding. With so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, finding the perfect label shape for your product won’t be hard! So go ahead – explore the possibilities of custom die cut labels today!

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