Checking Out Some Cool Small Towns in Alberta

If you are taking a road trip through Alberta, or you are looking for a quaint town in the province to call home, there are many options for you. Small towns have so much to offer, but are often overlooked for large cities and surrounding suburbs. Taking a look outside the cities can create a magical vacation or a picturesque home base.

So as you plan your road trip or explore some small town options for a move, consider the things you value and what you would like to experience. There is such a variety of small towns in Alberta, you are sure to find something pleasing. Consider the following cool small towns in Alberta:

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a very small town located near the lake itself. Most people see the town as a pass-through on their way to the lake, but you really need to take a closer look at the town if you are looking for cool small towns in Alberta.

The town is a great launching point for excursions on the lake or to nearby Johnston Canyon and Yoho National Park. There is so much to do during the warmer months, including kayaking, canoeing, hiking and so much more. If you prefer the winter months, there is skiing, skating, and dog-sledding. Lake Lousie is definitely a cool little town worth exploring.


Banff is a super cool town because it is a resort town that is actually located within Banff National Park, an attraction in itself. Because it is a tourist destination, Banff provides visitors and residents some amazing dining options, as well as activities galore.

Besides the amazing options for outdoor activities in Banff, including hiking and skiing, other attractions include Fairmont Banff Springs, Bow Falls, and Cascade Gardens. You might find that you enjoy this small resort town so much that you want to stay, and you will need to keep an eye on Banff homes for sale to find a home base that works for you. 


Drumheller is another cool small town in Alberta, and is a relatively short trip from Calgary. Drumheller is probably best known for its Royal Tyrrell Museum, the famous museum that is home to a multitude of dinosaur fossils.

After taking in the awe-inspiring dinosaur fossils, you can take in the glorious views of the Badlands and enjoy other nearby attractions, including Hoodoos, Midland Provincial Park, coal mine tours, and even ghost towns. What can be cooler than dinosaurs and ghost towns?

If you are looking for a fun day trip in Alberta, or a cool new little town to call home, there are some interesting options throughout the province. From towns known for amazing outdoor recreation options and outstanding views to towns known for dinosaurs, there is definitely something cool to attract even the pickiest traveler.

If you are hungry for adventure and something new and original, check out Lake Louise, Banff, and Drumheller. You can enjoy some hiking and then check out fossils from your favorite childhood dinosaur.

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